Coffee Coasters with Silhouette Clear Sticker Paper {and a Silhouette Promo too}!

Boy, oh boy, friends, do I have a fun project for you today!  And what makes it even better is how inexpensive and absolutely simple it is…  Not to mention the fact that it has to do with one of my favorite things, coffee!

Coffee Coasters

TIME REQUIRED: 10-15 minutes
SPECIAL TOOLS/SKILLS: Silhouette cutting machine and software

– blank white tiles {available in your local home improvement store}
– Silhouette Cameo or Portrait, blade, and cutting mat
– Silhouette Studio Software
– Silhouette Clear Sticker Paper
– felt
– scissors
– coffee coasters printable

Step 1: Create an image file with whatever quotes you want to use, or download the one I created here!  Just right click and save to your computer to use this file…

Coffee Coasters Printable

Step 2: Open your quotes in Silhouette Studio.  Go to the Registration Marks Settings and select “Show Registration Marks.”  What that will do is allow your machine to know exactly where your image is no matter where you place it on the cutting mat…it’s a pretty nifty trick!  Size your image so that your quotes will fit on the coasters.


Step 3: Print your image onto clear sticker paper.

Step 4: Create cut marks.  I created one square, placed it around my first quote, then copied and pasted it over the others to make sure they were all the same size.


Step 4: Send to Silhouette.  Place your printed sticker paper on the cutting mat and load it into your machine.  Select “Automatically detect registration marks,” adjust your cut settings for sticker paper, and then let the machine do its magic.


Step 5: Peel off the cut stickers and place them on the tiles.

Coffee Coasters

Step 6: Cut felt squares slightly smaller than the tiles and glue them to the bottom of each tile to keep them from scratching furniture.

Coffee Coasters

That’s all there is to it!  Now your coasters are ready to use!

Coffee Coasters

Want to know my favorite things about this project?
1. It’s super duper inexpensive!  My tiles cost 16 cents a piece!

2. It’s incredibly easy…the machine does the work, you put on a few stickers, and voilá!

3. You can personalize them in any way you want…with quotes about your own favorite thing {the beach, family, fashion, creativity, or whatever it might be}.  You could also use monograms, family names, wedding dates, or anything you like!

Coffee Coasters

What do you think?  What quotes would you use on your coasters?

Coffee Coasters

But wait, there’s more!  Want to do this project yourself?  Save big on a Silhouette cutting machine, as well as specialty media like the Clear Sticker Paper I used!


Here’s the deal…

CAMEO Bundle:
Silhouette CAMEO
1 Printable Cotton Canvas
1 Vellum
1 Adhesive Washi Sheets
1 Printable Adhesive Kraft Paper
1 Stencil Material

MSRP: $340.94
Sale: $269.99
Portrait Bundle:
Silhouette Portrait
1 Printable Cotton Canvas
1 Vellum
1 Adhesive Washi Sheets
1 Printable Adhesive Kraft Paper
1 Stencil Material

MSRP: $220.94
Sale: $139.99

All Specialty Media 25% off 

To take advantage of these deals, hop on over to Silhouette’s site and use the code ARTSY at checkout!  Don’t miss out on your chance to save!

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  1. Love, love, love these coasters!! Thanks for the awesome idea!! I love all the coffee phrases. You know how much I love coffee!!! Thanks so much!!

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