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Ok, so yesterday I told you all about what we were doing for each other to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  BUT, I didn’t have any actual photos for you to enjoy {bad blogger!}

Since I pre-write most of my posts, when I typed up yesterday’s description, we hadn’t yet made Little Crafter’s hearts and I hadn’t picked up hubby’s balloons. 
Soooo….here are some pics of what Valentine’s Day actually looked like here in the Artsy House.

Little Crafter LOVED his hallway of hearts!  The path led all the way from his room, down the steps, and to the front door.  I can’t even tell you how many times throughout the day he counted them and asked me to read what each one said.
And, here’s a peek at hubby’s balloons!
I loved the effect!  There’s one for each year we’ve been married and corresponding tags with the year and an “I loved you for” list.  Things like “I loved you for supporting me as a new mom, being such an involved and caring father, and for understanding and encouraging me when I decided I needed to get back to dancing.”
I got the cool hi-float option, so hopefully they’ll stay afloat for a good long time!  It’s funny, I didn’t even think about it when I decided to do this, but at our wedding reception, we had 500 helium balloons covering the entire ceiling.  It was the coolest effect ever…I wish our photos were digital so I could show you, but since it was 10 years ago, no such luck!  Anyway, this totally reminds me of that…which is pretty special.
As for me, I woke up to a VERY excited Little Crafter who had made and hidden {with Daddy’s help} nine surprises all over the house for me.  Most of them were heart Valentines made with foamy adhesives, but one was a card with a $15 Starbucks gift card inside!  Someone sure knows the way to my heart!
Sadly, my necklace didn’t arrive in time for the actual day, but I did get to wear this special one that LC made for me.  It’s wooden; he painted and glittered the heart and I put it on a chain I had in the jewelry box.
{I’ve decided I’m the worst take-your-own-pic-in-the-mirror photographer in the world…ugh!}

We had a great day, full of love and family time.
Hope yours was just as special.

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  1. What a great idea with the balloons! Although, it wouldn’t have the same effect for me, since my Husband and I just got married last November, lol. I guess I could do the number of years we’ve been together (6, almost 7). 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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