Handmade Holidays: Personal Photo Frames

Still looking for cheap, easy DIY gift ideas?  Yeah, me too.  Here’s one of the ideas I came up with for hubby’s dad.  He absolutely loves photos of Little Crafter, and I got a really great one of the two of them together at an Orioles game this summer.  I wanted to make it a little extra-personal, so I came up with this idea.  LC calls him “Poppy,” and of course you can never find gifts with that name on them…it’s always “Grandpa,” so I decided to do it myself!

– photo frame, any size {you can get nice ones for just a few dollars at Walmart, Target, or the Dollar store}
– sponge dauber

STEP 1: Clean your glass.

STEP 2: Position adhesive stencils.
I actually found it easier to do when I left the glass inside the frame.  That way I could use the edge of the frame to help me line them up, and I knew that none of the letters would get cut off by the frame when I put it together.

STEP 3: Use sponge dauber to fill in stencils with paint.  Remove while wet.

STEP 4: Once your paint dries, you can insert your photo, and voila!


I also used the same technique to make a special Christmas gift for my friend who has three gorgeous children.  I got a frame that holds three photos, “borrowed” some of her pics from Facebook, stenciled their names, and ended up with this.

What do you think?  Easy?

Love and glitter,

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