Lexicon Lettering Challenge

Friends, I’m so excited to announce this…my first Instagram challenge! I’m teaming up with two of Tombow’s other Brand Ambassadors, Sara and Lindsday {@handmadebysarat and @lshannondesigns} to bring you something really fun this April; check it out:


Lexicon is another word for vocabulary, so each day we’re going to be lettering a less-than-common word from the English language. We’ll build our vocabulary while building our hand lettering skills at the same time. Each day, your job will be to letter the daily word any way you like. Feel free to illustrate or embellish it too. We encourage you to use Tombow products {pencils, Dual Brush Pens, Fudenosuke pens, colored pencils, and more} if you have them, but anything will do! Then, share on Instagram using the hashtag #letteringwithtombow. Each day of the week, one of the hosts will feature a few favorites on her account, and Tombow USA will be featuring some of your creations as well! We’ll also be having a special Tombow giveaway later in the month related to the challenge, so stay tuned for more!

Here’s a look at the words so you can start thinking about your designs:

Aren’t they fun? I love practicing new words because of the interesting ways the letters flow together. I hope you enjoy them too. We can’t wait to see what you create and will be looking for your “ineffable” designs on Instagram! See you April 1st!

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