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Thanks to Kohl’s for sponsoring today’s post!  Although I was provided with the gift card, all opinions are honestly my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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What can you buy for $100?  That’s the challenge I had when I went to Kohl’s last week!  My job was to take a $100 gift card and create a fabulous outfit {or two}.  Now that, friends, is my kind of challenge.  As I’m sure you know, there are some places where you’d be lucky to get one great item for $100, but by the time my shopping spree was over, I had three tops, a vest, and a pair of shoes.  Take a look…


When I arrived at the store, I spent a long time browsing because there are a ton of great summer styles right now.  I had several dresses in my pile, along with some tank tops, jeans, and more.  Then, I walked by the Rock & Republic section and fell in love.  Glitter and leather.  Together.  What a glorious combination.  The whole section had a fabulous, cool, rocker chic kind of vibe that really drew me in.  I added another five or six items to my pile then finally made my way to the dressing room.


I literally almost jumped up and down when I found this studded Rock & Republic tank because it reminds me of an absolute favorite of mine that I wore so frequently it got three holes in it and is now un-wearable.  Finally, a suitable replacement!  It’s comfy, chic, and fits like a dream.  I immediately put that on my Love it rack.

What’s that?  I’m glad you asked!  In my Kohl’s dressing room, there were three places to hang items; one was labeled, Love it for my must-haves, one was Like it for the items I was considering, and the other was, Back on the Rack for items that didn’t fit or weren’t my favorite choices.  It was such an easy way to sort all the things I tried on!


By the time I was finished in the dressing room, I had four items on my “love” hanger.  All together, when I took the sale prices into account as well as a 30% off coupon I had, I still hadn’t reached my $100 limit.  But that was intentional…because I hadn’t been to the shoe department yet.  When I headed over, these were the first ones that caught my eye…


How. fabulous. are. they.  They’re Simply Vera Peep Toe Platform Heels, part of the Vera Wang for Kohl’s collection, and they were on sale for just $37.99!!!  {In fact, they still are!  Go ahead, run over to the website and get you a pair, then come back.  I’ll wait.}  Honestly?  I was drooling over the style but I was also afraid they might be the kind of shoes you only wear for photo shoots because they start hurting after about two minutes on your feet.  So, I decided to test them out by wearing them around the shoe department while I browsed for other options.  The verdict?  They were actually comfortable!  Not just un-painful, comfortable!  I think it’s the combination of the platform plus the stretchy fabric that accommodates even my wide feet, but whatever it is, I’ll take it!  Those beauties came right home with me.

So…here is a look at the first outfit I was able to put together.  My Simply Vera heels, plus my Rock & Republic Embellished Tank.  I also couldn’t pass up this super-cool Crinkled Motorcycle Vest by Rock & Republic {on sale for $45.60}.  I’ve learned from my friends at Lucky magazine that if you’re going to wear something tough like a moto vest, you have to balance it with something super feminine…like platform heels.  I was a huge fan of each item by itself, but put them all together, and I think they’re even better!


I’m loving the balance of femininity in the shoes and the bling on the tank with the biker vibe from the vest…and let’s just say hubby digs it too.


It’s a fun new look for me; usually I spend all summer in flirty skirts and A-line dresses, so I’m enjoying playing it a little cool.


Like I mentioned before, though, that outfit isn’t all I was able to score with my gift card!  I also picked up a Rock & Republic Glitter Mixed Media Tank. {$19.80}.  Yep.  It’s part glitter and part leather.  Awesome.


I wore it for the first time while we were on our Memorial Day trip to Alexandria and National Harbor…here I am checking out the cool fountain in the Gaylord Hotel {that decided to be a dud for the photo}.


And here I am with my little love.  It’s super soft and comfortable as well as stylish…what more could you ask?


I mentioned earlier that by the end of my trip, I came home with three new tops, a vest, and my shoes…which means I have one top left to show you.  How gorgeous is this Apt. 9 Twist-Front top?  The color is so rich and pretty, and my favorite thing about it is that the style hides the tummy area, which we mamas always appreciate.  Plus, it was on sale {and still is} for just $17.99.  Truth be told, this put me a tiny bit over my $100 goal, but I just couldn’t walk away and leave it on the rack.  I mean, really.  Look at it.


{Sorry I’m a little fuzzy, but you get the idea…}


Can you believe I scored ALL THAT for just a little more than $100?  Seriously!  Two tanks, the twist top, a leather vest, AND some uber-sexy shoes {by Vera Wang, no less}!  I’d call that a shopping success.  What do you think of my purchases?  Which piece is your fave?  The shoes?  Thought so.  {Mine too}.



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  1. I LOVE your shoes!!! They are killer!!! My girls and I love Kohls. You can always find awesome finds like are in expensive. Cute shirts!! Did I mention how much I LOVE your shoes?!

  2. I love Kohl’s. There’s always a great deal. They are one of the only stores I’ll brave on Black Friday because I can do all my shopping there! And I LOVE that blue shirt! It looks so great on you!

  3. I really like the shoes and i also like the bracelets you were wearing in the fitting room and the outfits look good on you you are so pretty! 🙂

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