My Latest Stitch Fix: Loves, Likes, and Leaves

If you’ve been reading One Artsy Mama for awhile, you might remember that I had a little love affair going with a company called Stitch Fix.  The concept is genius…it’s like having your own personal stylist.  You fill out an extensive style profile, and you can also provide links to your fashion pin boards as well as any special notes about things your stylist might want/need to know.  Then, you choose a date and wait for a box of goodies to show up at your door.  Your stylist will hand select five pieces for you and include inspiration cards for how to wear them as well as a price sheet listing the cost of each piece.  You get to try it all on in the comfort of your own home with your own wardrobe and accessories right there, keep what you want, and send back {free shipping} what you don’t.  You only pay for what you keep.  There’s an initial $20 styling fee, but it gets applied to whatever you purchase.  See, genius?


I got monthly fixes for about six months and I truly got some fabulous things.  Then I pulled the plug on the relationship.  I broke up with Stitch Fix.  Why?  Well, it just got to be too expensive.  You can give them preferred price ranges, but the items they were sending me were between $50-$100 each and I just couldn’t afford to keep them all.  I also got a fix or two that weren’t really my style, including one where I lost my $20 styling fee because there was nothing I wanted to keep.

Then someone used my referral link.  I got a $25 credit.  Plus a $5 incentive to schedule my next Fix.  $30.  I couldn’t let it go to waste, right?  So I agreed to go on one more date.  Here are the five things my stylist Laurie sent…and what I decided to do about them.

#1: 41 Hawthorn Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse, $48

Stitch Fix

What I thought:  My initial thought when I pulled it out of the box was that I loved the color.  I was optimistic about the cowl neck too because I have several other shirts in that style that work great for me.  When I tried it on, though, I didn’t love the way the neck fabric draped.  I tried several different ways, and wasn’t thrilled with any of them; the fabric didn’t do what I wanted it to do.
What LC thought: He said, “if you can’t keep them all, Mommy, send this one back.”
What hubby thought: This one was actually hubby’s favorite because he really loved the color and thought it fit nicely.
What you thought {based on FB comments}: Y’all were a mixed bag.  The general consensus, though, seemed to be, “great color, not crazy about the cut.”

What I decided:  I sent it back.  Ultimately, I didn’t love the neck, and $  is too much for something I’m not obsessed with.  If the item I ended up keeping hadn’t been in the Fix, though, this would have been my second choice.

#2: Pomelo Paloma Dot Print Back Cutout Knit Top, $54

Stitch Fix Stitch Fix

What I thought: When I first pulled it out of the box, I loved the polka dots, and when I tried it on it was comfortable and a great fit.  I immediately thought it was going to be a keeper.  Then, I looked at the back.  Part of me thought it was cool, part of me wasn’t so sure it was “me”.  And the buttons aren’t really comfy when you sit down in a chair.
What LC thought:  He said he liked it and that I looked pretty.  Love that kid.
What hubby thought: He loved the front, then made a face when I turned around.  He hated the back.
What you thought {based on FB comments}:  Although there were a few of you who majorly loved this one, the general consensus was that the front was great, the back not-so-much.  Then, oh then, a few of you pointed out to me that the cutout resembles a thong.  Oy.  You are right.

What I decided: I sent it back. Ever since I heard the “thong” comment, that’s all I can see when I look at the cutout.  Not happening.  Too bad the back isn’t solid, or at the very least a different cutout.  And $54.  For a knit top.  Ouch.  Bye-bye, polka dots.

#3: Lily Jordanna Geo Print Swing Skirt, $48

Stitch Fix

What I thought: I wasn’t crazy about the pattern at all.  Yes, I dig black and white, and yes I love me some chevron, but this…this is WAY too busy.  Especially for someone whose problem areas are all lower-body.  The last thing I want to do is call your attention there, and this SCREAMS, “look at me!  Yoo hoo!”
What LC thought:  He was also not a fan.
What hubby thought: Another non-fan.  He did enjoy the funny faces I made during the photo session though.
What you thought {based on FB comments}:  My mind was already made up, so I didn’t even show you!

What I decided: I sent it back. It might really be cute on some people.  Just not me.

#4: Pomelo Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank, $48

Stitch Fix

What I thought: My first thought was, “it looks like a painting!” Honestly?  It’s not the first thing I’d pull off a rack, I tend to gravitate to smaller prints and things like polka dots and stripes, but I loved it on me!  It’s a perfect fit and it’s comfortable too, plus something about it is just so artistic that I was drawn to it.  I like the bright cheerful colors for summer too!
What LC thought: He absolutely loved this.  He told me that I had to keep it, and that he’d be sad if I sent it back.  He told me his favorite part was all the colors.  Is it any wonder that my little painter was a fan?
What hubby thought: He hedged a little on this one because it’s not the type of print I usually wear.
What you thought {based on FB comments}: You all LOVED this one!  A few of you even wanted to “like” it multiple times.  Guess it really is a keeper.

What I decided:
 I kept it!  My only regret is that it has to be dry cleaned.  Otherwise, I’m loving it.

#5: AV Max Adele Hoop & Stone Earring, $42

Stitch Fix

What I decided: I didn’t even really show these to anyone because I instantly knew that while I think they’re gorgeous and a fun style, there’s no way I’m paying $42 for them when I have everything I need to make a very similar pair down in my craft room.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for a tutorial coming soon for something that looks an awful lot like these…

So.  The results of this Fix…here’s my keeper!

Stitch Fix

It was a fun experience, like always, to try everything on, get feedback, and get a great new piece.  But, with prices being what they are, I’ll be waiting until my next credit or incentive hits before I sign up again.  Let’s not call it a breakup…how about a temporary separation?


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  1. Love the shirt you kept! It looks amazing on you!! I agree with not keeping the rest. Good choice!!

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