The Perfect Gentleman

From the moment we found out we were expecting a boy, we’ve joked with our best friends that our son would grow up to marry their daughter Rose.  The relationship was off to a promising start, until Wednesday when Rose decided to marry her friend Logan instead.  Poor Noah.  🙂  But he doesn’t need to be disheartened because I’m working hard on training him to be the perfect gentleman, and one day (before I’m ready!), the girls will be lining up for him.  Here’s how “Being a Gentleman 101” looks around here:
Lesson 1: Girls thrive on quality time.  They like conversation.  They like to be dated.  If you can combine talking with a good atmosphere, it’s a double win! 
Field Trip: Mama and Noah have regular “treat dates” at Starbucks and other local coffeehouses for some good old fashioned quality time.  We get treats (usually cookies for Noah) and cuddle up in some comfy chairs with a backpack full of Noah’s favorite books.  As we read, we’ve been working on identifying what emotions the characters are feeling and why.  We also bring along Phase 10 for Kids and our special Go Fish cards so we can play games.  While we eat, we talk about our day, about Noah’s favorite things, and about the people we love.  This is often my absolute favorite time of day.  Even if he’s been a little monster at home, he’s well-behaved and content at the coffeehouse. Nine times out of ten, he doesn’t want to leave when it’s finally time to go home.  We’ve been known to stay for over two hours, just enjoying each other’s company.  You’re welcome, ladies.
Lesson 2: Girls like guys who have a healthy appreciation for the arts.
Homework: Noah has been working hard at his crafting skills, his painting skills, and now he’s trying his hand at photography too.  Just today, he took these photos of Mama while we were on a Starbucks date…really.  All by himself.  The kid’s got talent!

Lesson 3: Girls like guys who can dance.
As a ballroom and latin dance instructor, I’ve worked with a lot of couples as well as many singles who come to the studio to learn some basic steps.  I never cease to be amazed by the number of men who don’t understand this one simple fact.  Women love men who can dance.  Period.  If you’re a guy and you have a little bit of rhythm, some self confidence, and a few good moves on the dance floor, there are instant points in your favor. And yet, most of them don’t get it.  They get dragged in kicking and screaming by their wives or girlfriends and think they’re sacrificing their coolness factor.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  Almost without exception, every woman I know wishes (either secretly or not so secretly) that she and her husband could dance together.  So get moving, guys!
Noah’s Training: For months now, Noah has loved to “dance,” either in our arms or kind of bopping up and down in place.  This morning, he happened to pull up a tango on the iPod all by himself (yes, I have tangos on my iPod) and asked me to dance.  I told him if he wanted to dance to that song, he had to learn how.  So he did.  Yup.  Really.  He learned the American Tango basic step.  In less than five minutes.  Think I’m kidding?
Lesson 4: Girls like snappy dressers.
Homework: Imitate Daddy.

Lesson 5: Girls like jewelry.
Noah doesn’t just buy me jewelry, he makes it.  Can you tell this is a Noah original?  He’s so thoughtful too, using my favorite color. 🙂
Lesson 6: Girls like guys who can cook.
Homework: Help Mama bake pumpkin bread, cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, and anything else appropriate for a little sous chef.
Well, there you have it: “Being A Gentleman 101.”  So far, he’s passing with flying colors.

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  1. Great post…
    Noah is getting pretty good with the camera.
    I love all these pictures.
    It’s never too early to learn what the girls like. 🙂
    He is quite a gentleman.

  2. VERY cute – Stephen and I have been doing “date night” last few weeks. First we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner while Lorena had a Scouting activity. He ordered salad and we had a great time. Last night he and I dressed up and went to LifePoint for the “Grounds & Sounds” coffeehouse. I took a deck of Uno cards and we had a great time playing and listening and treats. I haven’t gotten him to like dancing yet, but he loves to cuddle!

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