Hand Lettered Back to School Stickers (+ Free Video Class)

Believe it or not, the new school year will be here soon! These hand lettered and doodled Back to School stickers are so easy to create, and they’re a really fun way kids can personalize all of their supplies. Use them to label notebooks, binders, folders, pencil boxes, and more, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Create these along with me by tuning in to my free class on the Michaels Stores YouTube channel, and/or follow the instructions below!

You’ll need:

Adhesive sticker paper

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow Mono Drawing Pens

Pencil and eraser


Ruler or other straight edge

Creating Your Stickers:

You can make any kind of stickers you like using your favorite words and images. Some ideas include the names of school subjects and teachers, inspirational phrases, and school-themed doodles like books, apples, pencils, and more. Of course, you can also doodle other favorite things, too!

Hand Lettered Stickers

Step 1: Use a straight edge to lightly sketch a pencil guide line.

This will help you to line up the letters in your word.

Step 2: Write your words using a fun print, faux calligraphy, or brush script.

If you’re new to hand lettering, no worries! You can find full tutorials for each of these writing styles by clicking on their names above.

Using a second marker (and even a third) that’s darker than the first one to trace over the bottom section of each letter can create a fun ombre effect! You can also use a Mono Drawing Pen to outline your letters and numbers, really making them pop off the page.

Step 3: Cut out around your words.

Erase your pencil line, then use scissors to cut out your sticker. I like to go right around my letters leaving just a bit of white, but if you prefer, you can use a paper cutter to cut a rectangle or other shape.

Doodle Stickers

Step 1: Draw your image using a Tombow Mono Drawing Pen.

If you like, you can sketch with pencil first, then trace over it with the drawing pen.

Step 2: Color in your image.

Use Tombow Dual Brush Pens to color in your doodles!

Step 3: Cut out your stickers.

Use scissors to cut around the shape of your doodles.

Once your stickers are cut out, all that’s left to do is peel off the backing and adhere them to your notebooks, binders, pencil boxes, and more! If you can’t find adhesive sticker paper, you can also create your stickers on regular sketch paper, then use Tombow Mono Adhesive to attach them to your school supplies. I can’t wait to see the personal and unique stickers you and the kids in your life create. Make sure to share your photos in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group so we can all be inspired. See you there!

Back to School Stickers

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