Felt Animal Coffee Cozy

What makes drinking coffee even better? Drinking it with one of these adorable felt animal coffee cozy friends!

Image contains four felt coffee cozies; a bear, a cat, a dog, and a fox.

How to Make a Felt Animal Coffee Cozy

These fun felt friends are simple to create; all you need are the free patterns found below, along with scissors, felt, and glue. Just cut your felt according to the template, then glue the pieces in place. There’s no sewing and no special skills required! Feel free to personalize your cozies by using different colors, or even adapting the basic patterns to create your own new animals.


  • felt, assorted colors
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • craft eyes or buttons
  • templates
  • twine for cat whiskers (optional)
Image contains three felt coffee cozies; a dark brown dog cozy on a red cup, an orange cat cozy on a white cup, and a tan bear cozy sitting on the table in front.


  1. Download and print the templates below for your favorite animal(s).
  2. Cut the basic cozy shape from your main color of felt.
  3. Cut additional felt pieces for the face details. Glue them to the main cozy.
  4. Add craft eyes, buttons, googly eyes, or small felt circles for eyes.
  5. Overlap and glue the ends of the cozy together.

Although the cozy is not adjustable, it will easily slide on and off most standard size to-go cups from the bottom just like the cardboard cup wraps do.


Image contains a tan felt bear coffee cozy on a white cup sitting on a white table.


Image contains a coffee cozy made from felt in the shape of a cat’s face. The cozy is on a white to-go cup sitting on a white table.


Image contains a coffee cozy made from brown felt to look like a dog’s face. The cozy is on a white to-go cup, sitting on a white table.


Image contains Amy’s hand holding a white to-go cup with an orange felt coffee cozy that looks like a fox.

Crafting Tips

  • Feel free to use other colors of felt besides what I used in the samples. Make the dog or cat look like your own pets, or use your favorite colors to create something unique.
  • When you need two of a particular shape, fold your felt in half and cut both layers at the same time.
  • Add any additional embellishments you like, including ribbon/bows, glitter, buttons, etc. to make your cozy reflect your own style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hot glue the best type of glue to use for this project?

Yes. It dries quickly and has a strong hold. If you’re working with kids and prefer to use something that is safer for little fingers, though, you can use fabric or craft glue instead.

Can you make other animals?

There’s no limit to how many different kinds of amazing animals you can create using felt. Try experimenting with your own variations, and stay tuned here for more pattern choices coming soon.

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If you try any of these projects, I’d love to see what you create! Make sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so you can share your photos and we can all inspire one another. See you there!

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