Crochet 101: Double Crochet

It’s time to learn the next stitch together, friends!  Today, we will be learning the double crochet.
In a pattern, you’ll see it abbreviated as “dc.”  It has several more steps involved than the previous stitches we’ve learned, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy-peasy!  Take a look:

Wrap your yarn around the hook once before you insert the hook into the previous row of stitches.


Place your hook down through the hole, wrap your yarn and bring it back up through the same hole.  You will now have three loops on your hook.


Wrap yarn around your hook again above the three loops.

Pull through two of the three loops on your hook, but not the last one.  You will now have two loops on your hook.


Wrap yarn one more time.

 Pull through the remaining two loops on your hook.


There you have it, a double crochet!


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  1. All I have to say is THANK YOU for making such wonderful instructions that are very clear to follow! My grandmother and mum are the most brilliant crafty ladies imaginable…cooks, bakers, sewers, knitters, crocheters and embroidery…I always had beautiful handmade clothes and toys growing up but failed to learn these wonderful crafts myself, as to put it bluntly…they aren’t good teachers!! Everything was shown too fast and not broken down into manageable chunks for me to learn! I have taught myself some basics over the years, but as my Grandmother’s eyesight fails her and her arthritis worsens, she is more and more unable to crochet or knit…I now have my own young family and I suddenly realised that it is down to me to learn properly so that I can carry on our family’s creativity!! Well…it seems you are my fairy godmother of instructions…I have been practicing away…thank you very much 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! Ihave been looking everywhere, trying everything, and this was the only one that worked!! All my sisters know how to crochet or knit but i’m the only one that does it regulaly, and they wouldn’t teach me (jerks!) So this really came in handy! Thanks again!!!

    1. Aw, really? They wouldn’t teach you?! No fair! I’m so glad you found this one easy to follow! Now you can crochet circles around them. 😉

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