Colorblocked Earrings

Hey, friends!  As I was doing some clean-up work on the blog recently, I came across an old guest post I did for someone else’s blog back when One Artsy Mama was very new, and it occurred to me that many of you probably never saw this project.  I absolutely love these earrings, and color blocking is still a huge fashion trend for this Spring {I was ahead of my time!}, so I thought I’d re-share them with you today!  My apologies in advance for the crummy photos…it was before I had my new camera equipment and before I knew much about editing too…
They’re really simple, so even if you’ve never ever made jewelry before, you can do it!  Ready?  Here they are!
I decided to make them a combination of magenta, orange, and yellow so that they’ll really stand out with a black/neutral outfit or match anything that has one of those colors in it.  You can make them with any color beads you like.  Here’s how to do it:

2″ eye pins
ear wires
4 10mm beads: {the ones I used are cracked glass beads from the Potomac Bead Company, but you can use any color and type}
6 small silver beads
needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers
wire cutters

STEP 1: Place your beads on an eye pin in a pattern you like.

STEP 2: Use needle nose pliers to bend the leftover part of the eye pin at a 90 degree angle.

STEP 3: Use wire cutters to trim it to about the length of your pinky fingernail.

STEP 4: Grab wire with needle nose pliers and bend into a loop {it’s easiest to do this if you bend away from yourself}

STEP 5: Gently twist open loop on ear wire with needle nose pliers and attach to your earring.  Twist ear wire tightly closed.

Ta da!  That’s all there is to it!  Now you have a fun pair of earrings that will add some bright spring and summer fun to any outfit.  
What do you think?  Were they worth bringing out of the archives?  Hope so!
Hugs & Glitter,

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  1. Love the tutorial! A co-worker showed me how to make earrings about a year ago and I loved it! I even bought a bunch of materials to start…but they are currently collecting dust in my craft room. Maybe this will encourage me to blow off the dust and try to make something! Thanks,
    Cindy @crazylou

  2. Love the earrings!! Thanks for the great tutorial!! It looks so easy. I’m going to Hobby Lobby this weekend so I’m picking up the supplies to make some earrings. Thanks so much!!

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