Crochet 101: The V-Stitch

Hey, friends!  Time for another installment of Crochet 101!  Grab those hooks and some yarn and let’s learn a new stitch!
Today, we’re going to be learning a decorative stitch, called the “V-Stitch.” It’s easy-peasy to do, because it’s just combining two things you already know how to do: a double crochet and a chain stitch!  {If you missed those tutorials, hop on over and check them out first, or grab the free e-book!} It also goes quickly, and it creates an open, lacy look that I think you’re going to like!  

Before we can begin the V-Stitch, we have to have a foundation.  So, we’ll start with a slip knot and chain 11.

Then, single crochet in each chain going across, starting with the second chain from the hook.  When you reach the end, chain 2 and turn.  This will give us a solid foundation to work our V-Stitches in.

Now, here comes the fun part!  We’re going to skip the first sc.  Then, in the next one, we do a double crochet.  Now, chain 1, and put your hook back down in the same hole and do a second double crochet {dc, ch1, dc}.  This creates our “V.”  

See how both dc are inside the same stitch?

Now, to continue across, skip 2 sc, then repeat our “V,” skip 2 sc, and repeat again.  You don’t need to chain between V-Stitches, just go from one right into the next one.  So you’ll be doing this:

dc, ch 1, dc, skip 2 sc, dc, ch 1, dc, and so on

When you get to the end, skip 1 sc and do a dc in the chain 2 spot.

To keep going, ch 2 and turn, then work a “V” inside each existing V-Stitch, like so!  Double crochet in the end dc, ch 2 and turn.

 As you keep going, your piece will get longer and longer, like this, and will have that open, lacy look!  What do you think?

I’d love to hear how it goes for you if you try this stitch!  And I still want to see pictures of your coffee cozies too!  Tag me on FB, Instagram, or Twitter when you share your photos, or email them to me at dancers4life{at}gmail{dot}com!

Hugs & Glitter,

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