Crazy Coasters: My Take on a Very Cool Project

Some of you may remember that a few months ago, I advertised a “Growing Together: Blogger Mentoring Program” I wanted to run.  The response was so fabulous that I had to cut off the registration at 20 members, and I’ve been working with that group of ladies since the end of January to grow their respective blogs and meet some of their goals.  As a matter of fact, we just finished up the course, and I’m going to be running a second one starting in July.  {More on that later…}

One of the bloggers in the class, Nancy, who writes at Do Small Things With Love, has consistently blown me away with her creative projects, many of which she makes using felt.  Week after week, I kept pinning things she made so I could go back later and make them for myself.  But one project in particular was just so fun and so fabulous that I had to do it myself the very next day.  And, of course, now I have to share the idea with you so you can make some too!

They’re called Crazy Coasters, and they’re, well, really fun looking coasters made from felt!  There’s no need for me to post a tutorial because Nancy has already created a great one.  So, instead, I’ll just show you the finished product{s} and then you can head over and read her instructions to make yours.

I am totally loving them, and even the hubs had to admit they’re pretty darn cool!  I chose the pink, orange, and yellow to coordinate with the stenciled triptych in the living room, and turquoise to tie in the turquoise and yellow accents in the dining room.  So bright and fun!
The hardest part for me was finding things to trace that made circles the size I wanted them to be.  I actually ended up using a set of LC’s old stacking bowl toys to get the larger two.  These are actually quite fun to sew as well as to use…and the best part is that when different people make them, they turn out with a totally unique feel depending on the colors of the felt!
For example, Nancy’s original coasters used a lot more color variety than mine, and have a more earth-y feel.
Another gal in the group, Susan from Organized 31, decided to challenge me to a coaster-off and made her own set too.  She used superhero colors for hers, and again, they have a totally different vibe!
What do you think?  Aren’t they so fun?!  I think they’d make nice gifts too, if you chose colors that matched someone’s home or used their favorite shades…ooh!  I just had a thought!  Wouldn’t they be cute in ombré…uh…gotta go…

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