Metallic Accent Vases: A Glam Spring Centerpiece

Hey, friends!  As many of you know, I had the super-fun job on Saturday along with three other local-ish bloggers of traveling to the Baltimore IKEA store and doing crafty demonstrations with some of their fantastic products.  The first demo I did was for a quick but chic spring centerpiece.  Take a look at how easy it is to turn a set of vases…or even just one…into a glamorous addition for your dining room table!


Metallic Accent Vases


Metallic Accent Vases

Step 1: Tape off any design you like.  For my shortest vase, I just placed one line of tape all the way around approximately near the center.  For the tallest vase, I used three pieces of tape going around the vase horizontally.  Then, for the center vase, I placed tape pieces around the vase vertically at varying intervals to create random widths and spacing for the stripes.  I wish I had photos of all three taped off to show you, or at the very least a picture where I look less goofy, but when your best friend is also doubling as your camera girl, she catches your “finest moments”…

Metallic Accent Vases

Step 2: Use a sponge brush to apply paint below or in between your tape strips.  Then, you’ll need to let your paint dry and repeat.  I needed to give my vases four coats of the Sterling and Brushed Bronze, and three coats of Titanium before I got the rich metallic look I was going for.

Metallic Accent Vases

Step 3: Remove your tape while the final coat is still wet and make any last minute fixes.  A cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol is great for helping even up and removing any excess paint that may have snuck under the tape.

Metallic Accent Vases

Step 4: Once your vases are completely dry, add your flowers!  Since I’m allergic to real ones, I used a mixture of artificial ones I found at Ikea; hydrangea, tulips, and a dried bouquet that fit perfectly into my tallest vase.

Metallic Accent Vases

That’s all there is to it!  A super-simple and inexpensive way to add a glam touch to your spring table.  And you don’t have to use them just when spring is in the air…just think how pretty they’d be around the holidays too!

Metallic Accent Vases

I was so pleased with the result!  I also had a great time just getting to meet and chat with the other bloggers: Amy Renea from A Nest for All Seasons, Susan from Organized 31, and Jeannie from Create & Babble, and a reader who came just to watch the demonstration!  Plus, any excuse to go to IKEA is a good one, right?  I found a couch I absolutely love and I’m working on hubby, slowly but surely…


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  1. So cool! Were you there as part of “Friend Day” at Ikea? They were having that last weekend at the Charlotte, NC, store and I planned to take a friend on her first Ikea trip, but bad weather/power outages kept us from going. But we’re heading there this weekend.

    1. I sure was! Sorry you weren’t able to go last weekend; hope this Saturday works out better for you!

  2. Maybe because I’m a goofy girl I love the goofy picture. Had a great time on Saturday with you all. And the vases look even better in person!

    1. Lol, sorry you have to go faux too. I love the look of real flowers, but aCHOO! Thanks for stopping by!!

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