The Mother of Invention

They say necessity is the mother of invention.  Oh, how I wish I had invented these shoes we bought today, because boy did we need them!  What are they?  “The Original Skidders.” 
 They’re a cool combo of a sock and a shoe…the top part is like a sock, but the sole and the toe are rubber like a normal shoe and they have grippers on the bottom.  They even have odor preventing insoles!  Besides being cute and different, there are two major benefits to our family.  First, and I say this lovingly, Noah has the fattest feet possible.  He’s an extra-wide, and he has a super high instep, which makes it really difficult to find shoes that go on his feet, let alone that are comfy for him.  Since these are that nice stretchy sock material, they actually work – this is a huge help because otherwise, every pair of shoes we buy has to come from Stride Rite, which despite their quality isn’t so great for the piggy bank since they start around $50 per pair.  These were $12.99 at our friendly neighborhood Target.  Second, Noah has a habit of kicking his shoes off everywhere we go.  In the car, from the grocery cart, while sitting in a restaurant…I can’t tell you how many shoes we’ve almost lost.  These fit like a sock, so they’re a lot harder for him to get off without us noticing. 🙂

 We tested them outside and they worked great everywhere; grass, sidewalk, pavement – they’re even playground approved!

 We spent a lot of time breaking in the new shoes this afternoon as we looked for signs of Spring in the neighborhood.  Noah really liked my hyacinths.  This picture was taken before he rolled off the step and into the garden and crushed them.  Aside from the flowers, nothing got broken: no harm, no foul.

And of course, we couldn’t let the day go by without a little crafting.  He’s been waiting for weeks to make this foamy egg wreath.  We got the kit filled with self adhesive foam shapes at Michaels awhile back, but I told him it wasn’t seasonal yet.  He had fun decorating each individual egg, then gluing it onto the wreath shaped paper.  I love to watch him so intent on his work. 🙂

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