Miniature “LOVE” Canvas Art

I’ve got a fun Valentine’s Day art project to share with you today that even your smallest crafters can do! If they’re 6 or older like my Little Crafter, they can handle the whole thing by themselves with just a bit of supervision, and if they’re smaller, they’ll still enjoy it with some more hands-on help.

Miniature "Love" Canvas Art

– Miniature canvas and easel
– DecoArt Acrylic or Multi-Surface Paint
– Alphabet Stickers

Step 1: Apply stickers to the canvas wherever you want white to show through. You can spell out any message you like; LC chose “Love” since Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! Another option is to use a shape, like a heart, a star, or anything else you want in place of the letters. I had these stickers left from my Staples tray project and they were the perfect size for our canvas.


Step 2: Choose your paint colors and squeeze them onto a paper plate. Carefully use your fingers to apply the paint all over the canvas, totally covering the white space. I recommend choosing colors in the same color family so that if they mix together, which they inevitably will, they’ll still make pretty shades instead of brown.


Step 3: Carefully peel off the stickers. It’s best to do this while the paint is still wet, but be careful not to get paint on the previously covered areas while you go.

Miniature "Love" Canvas Art

Step 4: Once your paint is dry, the canvas is ready for display!

Miniature "Love" Canvas Art

LC had a blast making this…I mean, who doesn’t love to paint with their fingers…and he was so excited about how it turned out. Now, he has to make a very hard decision. Does he keep it? Give it to Mommy? Or give it to his girlfriend Princess Pickle? Why do I have the feeling I’m going to lose?

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