Lego Party: The Decorations

It’s getting closer and closer to party time!  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the decorations!  First, the wreath I made up for the front door so Little Crafter’s buddies know they’ve found the right place…

– styrofoam wreath base
– assorted ribbon
– straight pins
– scissors
– tape
– lego pad and lego bricks

STEP 1: I wrapped short pieces of ribbon around the wreath base and pinned each one in the back {this way I can take them off when I want to reuse the base}.

STEP 2: I used legos to create a “4” on the pad, then taped ribbon to the back of it.  Then, I pinned the ribbon to the wreath base in the back.

That’s it!

I’m really pleased with how it turned out…colorful, fun, festive, and a definite sign that the birthday boy is in ‘da house! 

I also used this free printable from winks & daisies to make a fun birthday banner!

My mom had a few boxes from some peaches she bought at the local orchard, so we wrapped those up and attached some 1 3/4″ circles to make them look like giant Legos that will just sit around…I’m not sure where yet, I’ll decide once everything is all set up!
And, I finally finished {with hubby’s assistance} the box for the beanbag toss.  He cut two holes for me, then my mom and I wrapped it with red wrapping paper.

Not too much left to do!  Whew!
Happy Crafting!

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