Christmas in July for Project Yesu

Hey, friends!   If you’ve been reading along for awhile, you know that there’s a special teenage girl named Mallory who captured my heart and attention by doing some really incredible things for children in Uganda.  The very short version of the story is that when Mallory was just 11, she was making a Christmas list for her parents and realized what an absolute abundance she already had compared to kids around the world who literally had nothing.  Her Christmas wish became to help children in Uganda, and with the help of her mom, Rory, she started an organization called Project Yesu to do just that.


Over the past few years, Mallory and her team have made multiple trips to Uganda, providing food, pillowcase dresses {which many of YOU made!}, and medical care.  In fact, they are there right now on this year’s trip; you can follow along on Facebook to see photos and find out about the things they’re doing firsthand.  They have been visiting and holding orphaned babies, helping with jigger removals, visiting nutrition clinics, and providing hope and love as well as meeting the children’s physical needs.


Honestly?  Mallory humbles me.  She isn’t even old enough to drive, but she is changing the world.  Literally.  When I think of her hard work, not for herself but for others, the sacrifices she makes, and the heart of compassion she has for others, it makes me want to be a better person.  It makes me want to do more.  It makes me ashamed of all the times I’ve said something is “too hard.”  Because Mallory doesn’t take no for an answer.  When I think of being a world-changer, it makes me tired just imagining what that would take…so, instead I stay in my pajamas and drink coffee.  But not Mallory.  She flies to Africa and brings hope.

Just look at this sign made by one of the communities to welcome Mallory and her team.


I may not be there in person as part of Mallory’s team, but I want to be her teammate all the same.  I want to do what I can to support this amazing organization, which is why you’ve seen me post about her achievements and the pillowcase dress drives from time to time.  And I want to support her financially so that she can keep doing what she’s doing…keep changing the world.

If you find yourself feeling the same way, I have some exciting news.  The folks at Balsam Hill have decided that Christmas in July is the perfect time to recapture the spirit of giving that we all feel around the holidays, and they are running a special matching funds drive right now.  They invited me to participate by choosing an organization I believe in {Project Yesu} and created a special fundraising page where you can donate and support it too.  Then, Balsam Hill will match all donations up to $1000!  So, if we raise $1000, that’s actually TWO thousand dollars that will go to Mallory and her team!  

Did you know that just $1 will feed a child in Uganda for 7 days?  A $5 donation would feed a child for more than a month!  ALL funds go directly to Project Yesu and therefore directly to the work they are doing hands-on, in person with these kids.

It would mean so much to Mallory, to her mom, and to those children if you would donate to Project Yesu today.

As an added bonus, anyone who donates $5 will be entered in a drawing to receive an entire 6 piece set of the Mistletoe & Holly Ornament collection from Balsam Hill.  Anyone who donates $25 will receive one exclusive ornament from the Mistletoe & Holly Collection {donors will not get to choose which one they receive}.


For more information about the Balsam Hill Christmas in July campaign, check out their website and see all the other great organizations chosen by nine fellow bloggers.

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  1. “Hi Amy! You’re doing such wonderful work. I absolutely love this charity and what it tries to accomplish. Mallory is such a role model and I think what you are doing to help her is just inspiring and great.

    I actually have a friend who also took her daughters and a couple of other students to Uganda so they can give clothes to street children and teach them crafts. I love the fact that this organization not only provides essentials, but it also teaches kids in an educational sense while building meaningful relationships. Mallory and others who can put others needs above their own are a great reminder that it’s not impossible to help those in need, even if they’re hundreds of miles away.


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