Decorated Journals & Washi Tape for KIDS!

You may have seen on Facebook that our family just returned a wonderful, fun 10-day vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!  We had gorgeous weather and a great time from start to finish…so much so that all day long today, LC and I have alternately been complaining to each other, “I miss the beeeeach!”

Anyway, every time we go, we stay in the same hotel, The Breakers Resort, specifically the North Tower

The rooms are nice, the view is fabulous, but the thing that keeps us going back there is the amazing staff.  They have befriended Little Crafter and make him feel special and important.  Each time we go, he looks forward to seeing his “friends” there, and each time we leave, he wants to make them a little something as a thank-you.  Last summer, we made foam thank you notes {two of which are still on display in the hotel}.

In December, we made these cute gingerbread man ornaments.
This year, as we were walking through the craft section of the MB Target, Little Crafter spotted this:

That’s right, friends.  Get excited.  It’s washi tape for kids!!  Officially called a “printed tape set”, it has 9 coordinating rolls and costs about $7.  Little Crafter was determined to make something with it, so we decided to jazz up some ordinary notebooks that could be used as journals, notepads, or paper to write him letters {so he says}.  We also found some cute coffee-themed pens that were two for $1 in the Target dollar section. 


Materials:  All you need is…

 All we did was tape the strips on, covering both the fronts and the backs of the notebooks.  LC picked which tapes to use on which notebook and what order he wanted them in.  Here’s how they turned out.  One for Mr. David, one for Ms. Ann, and one for Ms. Marleen.

This tape is a little different from the washi tape I normally use; a little heavier, a little less sticky, a little wider, and a little more opaque.  It’s great for kids, and made a nice finished product!
Here’s the obligatory beach shot. 🙂

Sigh.  I miss the beach.

Anyway, here is the little man with Ms. Marleen and Ms. Ann, who were very happy to receive their presents. 

We were glad to do a little something for them as a thank-you for their extra kindness.  When we entered our room, Ms. Ann had made a special swan shaped towel to greet LC, along with a sand shovel and a pack of trail mix.  Ms. Marleen gave him three plastic cups with the hotel logo and a Nemo kick board that another child had left behind earlier in the summer.  Not to mention the smiles and love they gave him each day.  Thanks, ladies, for making our trip so memorable once again!  The little things you do matter in a big way.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. That tape looks pretty great but it looks really awesome on a notebook! Your son did a great job picking out what tapes to go on which notebooks. 🙂

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