Color Your Summer: Pollock-Inspired Splatter Art

Hey, friends!  Last week, I shared with you a very personal story about how we worked to rebuild LC’s confidence in himself as an artist after being teased at school.  I mentioned that I brought in some help from Jackson Pollock, one of the major influential figures in the expressionist abstract movement, by showing LC his drip paintings.  Then, I turned LC loose to create his own version and see firsthand that all you need for art is COLOR {and shapes are good too}.


It was so much fun for him to create, and for me to watch!  And now, we have an absolute masterpiece that hangs in our dining room.  Every time someone comes over, LC is quick to direct their attention to the painting and tell them all about how he made it.


We were asked to visit over on the Tampico blog sharing the materials and steps it takes to create your own Pollock-inspired splatter art this summer!  When a case of the, “I’m booooored”s hits, it’s a great activity for getting kids outdoors and creating…so stop by and take a look!

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  1. That is a beautiful piece of art! Your child has talent and you should continue to foster it. I have seen Pollock’s art in person and I am sure he would be proud of your son’s work too!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

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