My Cup Overflows

My Cup Overflows

Yesterday, Little Crafter and I were in the checkout line at Michaels.  You know, the line where they strategically place adorable wide-eyed stuffed animals right at kid-height so your child can become enamored while you’re waiting.

LC: “Mommy, this giraffe wants to come home with us.”
Me: “That’s nice.”
LC: “Can we bring her home?”
Me: “No.”
LC: “Whyyyyyyyyy?”
Me: “Because you have more than enough stuffed animals.”
LC: “But look at her.  She’s so cute!”
Me: “You just got Fluffy the bear on Monday.”
LC: “Don’t you think she’s cute?”
Me: “Yes, but we’re not taking her home.”
Me: “Because you don’t need another stuffie.”
LC: “Yes I do.”
Me: “I said no.”
LC: “Look.  Now Miss Giraffe is crying.  You made her cry.”

You’ll be proud of me; I stuck to my resolve and we did not leave with Miss Giraffe.  But it was one more battle in the war we’re fighting in our house right now.  The war of Discontent.  

Maybe this war rages in your house too.  In the past few months, hubby and I started to notice it really getting out of hand.  Every time Little Crafter does something he knows is good, he asks, “What is my reward?” Every time we go to the store, he wants a new toy.  Every day he pleads for a new game on the electronic device.  At five years old, he feels entitled to just about whatever he wants.

And I know this is at least partially our fault.  

He’s an only child and an only grandchild on both sides of the family, so you can imagine that he often does get gifts.  And it’s easier to just go ahead and do something for one child that I know we’d have to say no to if we had a larger family.  But that’s not all.  I think he does some of this because he sees it in us.

I’m sure that he has heard me at various times expressing the fact that I want…
a bigger house
a Honda Odyssey
a craft room
an iPhone 
faster internet
a tablet
an exotic vacation/cruise
new cabinets
better equipment for my camera

a new fridge with double doors and an ice dispenser
another new outfit/pair of shoes/handbag

I want, I want, I want.  Hubby has his own list too.  A bigger house.  More storage space.  A shorter drive to work…  It goes on and on.  We live in an incredibly materialistic culture, and oh how easy it is to get wrapped right up in it.

Society tells me I need more.  I need bigger.  I need better.  But reality?  Here’s what reality tells me.

I have a car.  In fact, our family has two.  90% of the world’s population does not own a car.

I have food to put on my table.  There are children and families around the world who do not have enough to eat every day.

My husband and I have sources of income.  There are over 200 million unemployed people worldwide.

I have a family and a home to share with them.   There are countless lonely people, and over 100 million people worldwide with no home, no bed, no security.

Those things I complain about not having?  First world problems to be sure.  And not even real “problems” at that!  As I thought about this, I was humbled.  I was ashamed of my own attitude and the attitude I’m passing along to my son.  

So how do we break the cycle?  We’re constantly trying to figure out how to teach Little Crafter to be content with what he has.  I thought about trying to explain to him the proverbial half-empty, half-full glass.  I could tell him that what he sees as half-empty when he focuses on the things he doesn’t have is actually half-full when he focuses on all he does have.  But then I realized something.  His cup is not half-full.  It’s overflowing.  And so is mine.

My cup overflows.

Metal Stamped Bracelet

I have so much.  Now, let me clarify that we are by no means wealthy when it comes to this society’s standards.  But we have all that we need and then some.  Shelter, food, transportation.  A loving family.  Amazing friends.  Plus so much “stuff” that’s all icing on the cake.  If I were to sit and actually make a list of all the things I have, both materially and the intangible things that mean even more {like the people I love and the ability to do a job I’m passionate about}, my “want” list looks petty and ridiculous.  My cup overflows.  So much so that it allows me to bless other people with some of the things I have too.  And I don’t want to forget that.

Metal Stamped Bracelet

Being the coffee addict that I am, I find this metaphor particularly close to my heart.  I almost always have a cup of something iced and yummy sitting nearby, so it’s a visual reminder.  And for those occasions when I don’t happen to have my coffee on hand, I created this bracelet.  One quick glance at my wrist and I’m reminded to shift my perspective.  When I start to complain or feel negative for a petty, “first-world” reason, it’s a reality check.

Metal Stamped Bracelet

Making it was super simple.  I just used my basic metal stamping tools and stamped the phrase onto a gold rectangle bracelet blank.  I added some texture, then bent it into the shape of a bangle.  If you’re interested, the specific materials I used are:

{many of mine were provided by my sponsors at ImpressArt & Goody Beads}
Steel Stamping Block
– Lowercase alphabet set, 1/8″
Metal Stamping Hammer
Texture Hammer, Round Dimples
1/4″ x 6″ Rectangle Stamping Blank
– Painters’ Tape
– Bic Permanent Marker
– Jewelry Cleaning Cloth
Bracelet Bending Pliers

For a full photo tutorial of the process, check out my Metal Stamped Bangle Bracelet post.  It’s the same exact process, all I did was add the texturizing before I bent the shape.

Metal Stamped Bracelet

But, for once, the tutorial isn’t the main point today.  Can you relate?  Have you found yourself looking at an overflowing cup and seeing it as half-empty?  Next time you catch yourself in that situation, why not stop in that very moment and think of one of the many overflowing blessings in your life.  If you’re active on social media, share it on twitter or the One Artsy Mama Facebook page and give it a #mycupoverflows hashtag so we all can be reminded too.  I’ll be doing the same.


In fact, let me start us off today.

Working from Starbucks this morning. #mycupoverflows
Little Crafter told me this morning that I’m the best mommy in the world. #mycupoverflows

Now it’s your turn.


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  1. I’ll do it right here for now… My oldest daughter moved back home last weekend because she’s going through a rough time and needs her mama. I feel blessed to be the person she comes to AND that we are able to give her the help she needs. #mycupoverflows <3

  2. What a beautiful post and a wonderful reminder to all of for when we get caught up in the “I want” cycle. Thanks for this!

  3. What an awesome post…and so true…
    There is always something that I “need”….
    I am truly so blessed with a wonderful family, great friends, a job I love, and so much more… #mycupoverflows<3

  4. What a great post and encouraging post. I think we all need to be more content with what God has blessed us with. Thanks for being so transparent and honest.

  5. I really love this post! I’m guilty myself of not realizing how blessed I am. Thanks so much for such a great reminder! Oh, and I have the best husband in the world. #mycupoverflows

  6. What a great post and a beautiful reminder!
    #MyCupOverflows I’m 9 weeks pregnant of twins and I’d been in bed for the last two weeks and I have to be in bed for the next two ones. My hysband is taking care of me and people from my church is coming every day to prepare meals for us! #MyCupOverflows

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