Apple Place Cards

Can you believe October is already here? It’s time to start gearing up for holiday entertaining, believe it or not, so I wanted to share a really simple but pretty idea I came up with for place cards to decorate your table. These are natural, inexpensive, quick, and your guests will love them…

Apple Place Cards for Thanksgiving

– apples
– chalkboard labels
– twine
– scissors
– white paint marker


Step 1: Place a chalkboard label on each apple and use a paint marker to write the names of your guests.
You can cut your own labels from chalkboard vinyl, or you can just buy pre-cut labels like I used. They’re easy to find in craft stores as well as places like Target, Walmart, etc. If you prefer to use real chalk to do the writing, you can, but I went with paint marker because I knew it wouldn’t rub off and make a mess.

Natural Place Cards

Step 2: Wrap your apple with twine, tie a knot, and cut off the extra.
I like the rustic feel this gives, and it’s easy to do {well, except for when it keeps trying to slip off the apple while you’re tying it…}.

Apple Place Cards

That’s it! It’s seriously that easy. It’s also inexpensive and your guests can totally disassemble them and eat the apples later if they want! There’s no glue involved; just slide off the twine, peel off the sticker, give the apple a good rinse, and voila, it’s tomorrow’s snack.

Apple Place Cards

What do you think? Will this idea have a place on your table this holiday season?

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