Sharing Care and a DIY Tissue Box Cover

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Share Care with Kleenex Brand

I admit it. I’m a germaphobe. I hate getting sick or even being in situations where I think I might catch something. {Just ask hubby how I reacted the time we flew to California and I was sitting across from a guy who hacked and sneezed the entire six hours!} So, as cold and flu season approaches, I’m all about taking preventative measures to keep our family healthy! All it takes to spread germs at school, work, or anywhere you go is a cough, sneeze, or an unwashed hand. The CDC suggests coughing and sneezing into a tissue, then throwing it away to prevent spreading illness to others. Unlike many substitutes, Kleenex Facial Tissue is designed to shield a cough or sneeze and keep germs off your hands, so in our home, that’s what we use!

Kleenex Facial Tissues

All of us could use the reminders of good, healthy practices this time of year, but kiddos especially need a little extra prompting. If you’ve ever spent time with 7-8 year old boys, you can imagine the way Little Crafter and his friends tend to wipe their noses on their sleeves and cough without covering their mouths. I wanted to come up with a proactive gentle reminder that will hopefully keep all of us healthier this cold and flu season, so I came up with these fun gift packages that LC could give out to his friends.

Kleenex Facial Tissue Gift

Each one contains a box of Kleenex Facial Tissues, a small bag containing a few plastic bricks, and a special printable message. One side has reminders of ways to “build” your immune system, and the other has instructions for creating a really awesome cover for the tissue box out of interlocking bricks! The bricks we provide obviously aren’t enough to build the entire thing, but I happen to know that all of LC’s friends have plenty of their own at home they can use.

Tissue Box Cover

Building the cover is simple; you start by creating an open square that’s 20 studs long on each side and two studs thick. {Apparently, “studs” is the technical term for the little bumps on the top of the bricks.} Then, you just continue building up until your bricks reach the top of the tissue box. Create a top layer that’s four studs wide. This helps cover the box top without making it hard to get the tissues out.

Tissue Box Cover

My hope is that having a fun tissue box cover they built for themselves will make Little Crafter and his friends anxious to actually use the tissues inside when they need them instead of opting for their hands or sleeves!

Kleenex Facial Tissue and a Special Box Cover

Want to make a few of these yourself, or create gifts for the littles in your life? This cold and flu season, visit the Walmart pharmacy section and stock up on Kleenex facial tissue so you’re prepared to share one with someone who may need it. You can even take advantage of an exclusive Walmart offer while stocking up: receive a $5 VUDU credit when you purchase either a 4-pack of 75-ct Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues or Kleenex Tissues with Lotion (some will have stickers that denote coupon and some will not, but all of the Lotion/Ultra Soft 4-packs are eligible). Redeem by purchasing qualifying item and star/check the item(s) and the date of your receipt. Snap a clear photo of the entire receipt with your phone. Text CAREPACKAGE to 811811 for submission instructions. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

Also, if you want to create your own little care packages like ours, feel free to grab the free printables here. Just right click the images below and save them to your computer, then print and enjoy.

Tissue Box Cover Instructions

Healthy Tips

These gifts also make a great surprise for a teacher; create one for your child’s classroom as a reminder for all the students. Kleenex Brand is proving that no matter how big or small the moment, the act of giving a Kleenex Facial Tissue to someone who needs one can connect and uplift us all. Who will you share one with today?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex Brand.

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