Hand Painted Wine Glass

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine came to me and asked if I would do her a favor and create a special gift for another friend’s 30th birthday.  The gift she had in mind was a hand-painted wine glass decorated with bright, fun, celebratory colors.  She didn’t necessarily want it to say “30” because she wanted the recipient to be able to use it for lots of other joyful occasions too.  I was happy to help, so I got out the glass paint and created this:

Painted Stemware

Fun, right?  And here’s the best part…you can make it too, even if you’re not a skilled painter!  Honestly!  It’s just stencils, and polka dots made with a round sponge brush…no skills required!!

Materials: {Note – some of my materials were provided free of charge by Deco Art, Inc.}
Multi-surface satin paint in a variety of colors
– Glitter glass paint
3D Gloss Enamel paint
Americana Gloss Enamel Stick-on Stencils
Stencil brushes or daubers

Step 1: Clean glass with rubbing alcohol, then adhere stencil to glass.

Painted Wine Glass

Step 2: Use dauber to apply paint to your stencil.  As soon as you’re finished, peel the stencil off while the paint is still wet.

Stenciled Glass

Step 3: Dip a round dauber into various colors of paint and use it to create polka dots.  I didn’t have any particular pattern or spacing, I just did it randomly to give a confetti-like effect.

Step 4: When dots are dry, use 3-D Gloss Enamel to add decorative details, like swirls, smaller dots, lines, and more.

Painted Wine Glass

Step 5: Paint the stem and the base whatever colors you choose.

Hand Painted Wine Glass

Step 6: Glitter makes everything better!  Once the colored paint is dry, add a coat of clear glitter paint to the stem, base, and dots for extra sparkle!

That’s all there is to it!  I apologize for the less than fabulous photos; painted glass items are *the* hardest projects to try and get good pictures of for some reason.

A few quick notes on use and care:  Keep these things in mind if you’re going to actually use the piece and not just have it be a decorative item.  Do not put hand-painted items in the dishwasher, always carefully hand wash them.  Also, follow the directions on your particular brand of glass or multi-surface paint to cure it {make it washable}.  Often, this involves either baking it or allowing it to air cure for a certain number of days.  Finally, although these paints are non-toxic, be sure to avoid painting directly on the rim of the glass.  Keep your paint far enough from the rim that the person’s mouth and/or the drink won’t actually contact the paint.

So, what do you think, friends?

Hugs & Glitter,


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