Wooden Sled Toy

WoodenSledToyPinDepending on where you live, winter usually means a lot of indoor activities, which can get pretty tough with little bodies that need to get outside. I (Erin) came up with a whimsical little toy that can be a lot of fun for the littles, and it incorporates a little science fun to boot!

Wooden Sled Toy

Wooden Sled Toy


-Popsicle Sticks (7)

-Elastic Cording


-Hot Glue

-Drinking Straw

Step 1: Build the base of your sled. Glue the sides of the sled on.

popsiclecollageStep 2: Paint your sled base, and your sled “blades”. This is also a great time to let the kids join in the fun and allow them to be creative with their painting! I loved the look of the metallic silver on the sled “blades”.

Wooden Sled Toy

Step 3: Glue on the sled “blades”.

Wooden Sled Toy

Step 4: Cut a straw in half and glue on base of sled.

Wooden Sled Toy

Wooden Sled Toy

Step 5: Cut a long piece of elastic cording and string through the straws. Tie the two loose ends together.

Wooden Sled Toy

Step 6: (Completely optional but it takes the sled to the next level.) Print and cut out sledding figures-bonus points if it’s faces of people you love!

Wooden Sled ToyTape your little sledder’s feet to the sled and get ready to play. Loop one end of the elastic around a hook, a bed post, etc., or have a tall person hold it up. Lower the other end and watch your little sled fly down the hill. (Need a visual? See the video below!) Kids can learn how to make it faster or slower, and also start to get an idea about friction and gravity. It’s a win/win and either way it’s tons of fun for all involved, especially if you make more than one and have races!

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