Basic Hand Lettering: Numbers

Hey, friends! I’ve had some questions recently about how to draw/letter numbers to work into your hand lettered projects. So, I thought I’d take a minute today to share a basic set of numbers that will work with both brush style and whimsical print style fonts. Ready? Grab your markers and let’s get started…numbersslider

Here they are… Feel free to save this image and/or print it out to help you practice your own numerals. They use the same basic technique we’ve been using for letters too; the down strokes are thick and the up strokes are thin.


To create the effect, just draw your number first, then go back and draw a second line in the areas you want to thicken. Color it in with black or make it pop by using another color.


You can create variations by choosing how thick or thin to make your down strokes. Thinner lines tend to look more elegant, while thicker ones seem more whimsical and fun. Choose whatever style best fits the project you’re working on at the moment.


That’s all there is to it! Hope you find this helpful as you add numerals to your own hand lettered projects!

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