DreamBox + Accessories Black Friday Sale!

Friends, I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that my absolute favorite thing for crafting and creating is on sale starting today for the lowest price of the year! (Use the code AMYLATTACREATIONSMASSIVEJOY to unlock the savings and early access.)

This is my DreamBox, and it really does live up to its name. It’s a dream come true for storage and organization, as well as making a creative space. When I got my DreamBox in February, I was able to do a total overhaul of my studio, getting rid of seven smaller pieces of storage. Now, everything I use most, including all of my Cricut machines, vinyl, all of my markers, chalk pens, pencils, paints, jewelry supplies, adhesives and glue, paintbrushes, and so much more is organized and accessible in one spot.

Not only that, the fold-out table gives me a place to work, whether I’m crafting or typing on the laptop to draft my next post, and the whole setup makes the perfect backdrop for my virtual workshops and television segments.

The best part is that the layout is totally customizable. You get to decide where and how to arrange the shelves, what size bins you want to use in what spots, and if you want to use rods like I have for my washi tape and ribbons. I keep my DreamBox open all the time, because I have a dedicated place for it in my studio, but if you have more limited space, look what you can do:

This whole amazing workspace (on wheels) folds up to the size of a large cabinet! Open it when you’re creating, close it when you’re finished.

I know, it’s got a big price tag. I totally get it. It’s a major investment. BUT, so is any large piece of quality furniture. Yes, it’s pricey, but remember that it’s a cabinet, a workstation, storage, and basically a little room all in one. It allows creators and business owners to make their own special space to do what we love. Plus, you don’t have to pay all at once. Right now during the Black Friday Sale, you can get financing that allows you to pay just $52/month. For me, that equates to deciding to cook a meal instead of getting takeout for our family of four once or twice.

Besides the DreamBox, Create Room also offers a ton of great accessories as well as some other furniture options, all of which are also 15% off during the Black Friday Sale. One of my favorites is the Tool Cubby, which I use to store all my Tombow Dual Brush Pens & ABT PRO markers. I’m also really excited about the two brand new products being launched starting today: the Create Room Planner and the Essential Oils + Diffuser.

Each of the oils connects with one of the seven creative purposes. Believe it or not, my two favorite scents are actually the blends for the two purposes I resonate with the most, connection and joy! In full disclosure, I have to admit that prior to getting these, I had never really bought into the essential oils hype, but when I tried it out, I found that within half an hour of diffusing “connection,” the headache I had went away and I felt calmer, more focused, and more ready to tackle my to-do list. I loved it so much that now I run the diffuser every time I’m working in my studio, including right now as I type this post!

During the Black Friday sale, you can purchase these new products, of course, but the first 1,000 people to purchase a Dream Box also get the planner, the diffuser and the oils FREE!

This is a sale event you don’t want to miss. Whether you want to try out the new products, grab an accessory, or take the plunge and invest in yourself by purchasing a DreamBox, now is the time to grab the best prices of the year – 15% off site-wide.

The sale officially starts at noon MST/2 PM EST, but as my friends and followers, you have the opportunity to grab early access…two hours early, in fact! Use this link to head to the sale site and the code AMYLATTACREATIONSMASSIVEJOY to start shopping at 10 AM MST/noon EST! What are you waiting for? This sale ends November 29, don’t miss out on the savings!

GO TO THE SALE: https://glnk.io/wpr8/amylattacreations

Don’t forget to use AMYLATTACREATIONSMASSIVEJOY at checkout to unlock the early access and savings!

Plus, I have a special bonus for you!

Everyone who makes a purchase during the sale using my code will get a BONUS GIFT from me. I will send you a special happy mail surprise package including a few of my favorite lettering supplies and hand lettered stickers. You’ll also be entered in a raffle to win a free autographed copy of my new journal, Practice Makes Progress, which releases in January! So, head on over at noon EST, use that code (AMYLATTACREATIONSMASSIVEJOY) and let’s get the holidays started. Just send me an email or DM with a screenshot of your order confirmation to claim your gift.

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