Bird Nest Cupcakes

Remember how about a month ago I hosted a baby shower for my best friend Jess?
Since she and her hubby {who I lovingly like to call the brother I never wanted} decided not to find out the baby’s gender, our little planning committee had to come up with a neutral theme.  We went with birds and bird nests, which turned out to be really adorable.  I showed a few preview pics then, but have been waiting to get my hands on these awesome ones taken by my friend “tall Jess”, who helped out with a lot of the details for the shower, including the photography.
Jess was totally surprised, just like we hoped she would be!
One of my favorite things was these fun cupcakes! Here’s how I made them:
You’ll need:
cupcake mix of your choice
cupcake liners: I used blue and green
white icing {you can make your own, or I used Duncan Hines}
blue food coloring
shredded coconut
Jelly Belly jelly beans
Step 1: Bake cupcakes according to package directions.  Let cool.
Step 2: Toast coconut.  I placed mine on a foil lined tray in the toaster oven and kept a close eye on it, stirring it around and pulling it out when it was nicely browned.
Step 3: Add blue food coloring to icing and mix until you get your desired shade.
Step 4: Spread icing on cupcakes and add a liberal amount of toasted coconut on top of each one.
Step 5: Add 3 jelly beans to each “nest.”
They were really quick and easy to make and turned out so cute! {and tasty too!}
As for some of the other details:
Here’s the diaper cake my mom and I made {I even made the little stuffed owl for the top}:
Here’s a look at the favor table.  “Tall Jess” made the adorable seed favors; she put fabric scraps in these tiny flowerpots, added a bag of seeds, a few cute silk flowers, and a sweet poem.  I made the bird magnets…for a tutorial, see here.  The centerpiece displayed the game prizes, bird nest necklaces.
I was so pleased with how everything turned out, and I think Jess had a great time, which was the most important thing.
Well, actually, the most important thing is right here…
Meet “Baby S”…I’m an honorary aunt!  Such a cute little peanut!  Congrats, Matt and Jess…and let me know anytime you need someone to snuggle him.


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  1. What a fun shower! Those cakes look awesome… wish someone in my home loved coconut like I do so it would be easier to make them and not eat them all myself! Ha!

  2. What an amazingly sweet party! I am inspired I just love the idea of making cupcakes like yours! :o) They match your beautiful nest jewelry that I love so much!!! And what sweet little one too!

    Thank you SO much for linking up to my party, it means so so much to me!

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