When I’m 91…

When I’m 91, I want to look like this.
Happy.  Healthy.  Enjoying all that life has to offer and spending time with the people I love.  Able to live independently.
Meet hubby’s grandma, Barbara.  She turned 91 last Wednesday.
I want to be like her when I grow up.
She’s a totally classy lady in every situation.  She always has a smile and a laugh, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say an unkind thing about anyone.  Ever.  I’ve known her for eleven years.  Not one nasty thing.
That’s how I want to be; beautiful inside and out.

For her birthday, I wanted to do something special.  She loves jewelry, and she loves her family, so I came up with this.
It’s a variation of the family birthstone necklace I sell on Etsy; usually it only has a few stones like this:
Although at Christmas-time, I did sell one with nine. {This necklace was the most popular item in the shop for the holidays!}
I got my mother-in-law to find out all the birth months for me {She told Gramma that she wanted to have all the family birthdays recorded so she could send out handmade cards this year…which she probably will in fact do now that she has them!}.  There were a total of 23 people I needed to account for, which was tricky because it wasn’t enough for the bracelet I originally intended to make, but too many for my usual pendant.  So, I made a slightly larger wire circle, wrapped each stone starting from the top, and prayed it would work.  You can see that the stones were a perfect fit…thanks, Jesus!
I debated over how to organize them, and finally went like this:
The one just to the left of top center is Gramma herself, who was {obviously} born in January.
Then, Grandpa {September} is beside her.
Next comes her four sons: Tom, Bruce, Dale, and Brian.
Then, three daughters-in-law: Stephanie, Belinda, and Donna.
Next come the grandchildren.  I stayed in the order of the sons, so it’s Tom’s kids Tommy, Mickey, and Caitee, followed by Bruce’s boys Daniel, Jonathan, and Stephen, Dale’s sons Andy and Rudy, and Brian’s daughter Elle.
After the grandchildren come their spouses: Austin, myself, and Beth, and finally we finish up with the great-grandchildren, Kyleigh and Little Crafter.
I really hope she loves it…and I really hope when I’m 91 I’m half the classy lady she is.
Love you, Gramma!

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