Easy DIY Tag Blanket

I love it when my friends have babies!
That means I get more little ones to snuggle and love without being responsible to change their diapers or give up all my sleep!  My friend {tall} Jess is having her third child in April, and this one is a boy.  We recently threw her a little shower, and one of the things I made for Baby S. was this little tag blanket.  It’s really simple, and I had all the materials I needed on hand already.  Here’s how to make your own.
-fabric scrap
– assorted ribbon
– batting
– sewing machine, thread, pins, needle, scissors
STEP 1: Cut your fabric into two squares {it can be any size really; mine was 9″x9″}.
STEP 2: Cut coordinating ribbon into pieces that are the same length.  I used 20 pieces, 5 along each side.  Fold the ribbons in half and pin to one of your fabric squares.
STEP 3: Sew around your square as close to the edge as possible to secure the ribbons in place.  Remove pins.
STEP 4: Place the piece of fabric with ribbons attached face up on your work surface.  Place your other piece of fabric on top of it, face down.  Finally, place a square of batting on top.  Pin all 3 layers together. 
*Be sure you layer them in this order!  When I made LC a blanket one time, I put the batting in the middle, then had to seam rip the whole thing. Uggh.* 
STEP 5: Sew around the square with a 5/8″ seam allowance.  Be sure not to sew the whole thing shut; leave two or three inches open so that you can turn it!
STEP 6: Turn right side out and hand stitch the opening shut.
There you have it!  Quick, easy, and requires minimal sewing skills.  Now I can’t wait for Baby S. to get here and play with it!

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