Amethyst Memory Wire Bracelet

Friends, if you’ve been paying attention to sports news recently, you’ll know that the NFL draft just happened.  My Baltimore Ravens had a few important picks, and we’re on the way to building another championship team this year!  Of course, I’ll need to be ready to wear my purple when preseason starts in a few months, so when sent me these amethyst beads to play with, I didn’t waste any time making a pretty memory wire bracelet with them!

I still say that if you’re new to making jewelry or want to give it a try for the first time, memory wire is the perfect project for you.  It’s the easiest possible way to make a stylish piece…no clasps or fancy wire working necessary!  All you need are:

– assorted beads {I used amethyst beads, iridescent seed beads, and small silver plated beads}
– memory wire
– wire cutters
– needlenose pliers

If you’re not ready to invest in jewelry tools, I bet hubby has what you need for this in his toolbox.  Obviously, the pliers made for this kind of crafting are better, but in a pinch, you can make do if you have to!

Cut your wire and use the pliers to form a loop on one end so your beads don’t fall off.  Then, all you have to do is string your beads onto your wire in whatever pattern you like.  When you’re finished, loop the wire on the other end, and that’s it!  The wire retains its shape.

 What do you think?  A pretty snazzy way to support my team, don’t ya think?  I’d love to see what you create with beads and memory wire!  Send me a photo or tag me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Hugs & Glitter,

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