Chipboard Photo Frame and a Silhouette Promotion!

Friends, you know I love me a good Cammie project!  I’m always on the lookout for new and different things I can cut or ways to make my projects easier with the help of my Silhouette Cameo.  I’m excited to report that Silhouette is now offering chipboard {and it’s on sale}, which ended up being just the thing Little Crafter and I needed for a fun Mother’s Day project!
{Grandma and Grammy, you can stop reading now!  Come back after the 12th!}
Are they gone yet?
Ok, now that they’re not listening, I want to show you these adorable magnetic Chipboard Photo Frames!  They were so easy to make, and quick too!  Here’s how we did it:


– Silhouette Chipboard
– photo
– washi tape
felt heart stickers {from}
magnets or magnetic tape
– glue dots
– Silhouette machine and software
STEP 1: First, I let LC choose his favorite of the shape labels I had.  The one he picked is {I think} actually one of the free images that comes along with the software in your initial purchase.
We used Silhouette Studio to put four on a page and cut them out of the chipboard.  He had fun punching them out after they were cut.

STEP 2: I printed four copies of an adorable photo I just took and we trimmed them using a paper cutter.  We centered them on the chipboard frames and secured them using four strips of washi tape.

STEP 3: I also let LC decorate them with some heart stickers we had.  

STEP 4: When we were finished, we added a magnet to the back of each frame.

That’s it!  A simple, sweet project that took us less than half an hour.  I think the grandmas will love these, don’t you?

I really love how he wanted each one to be a little different.  One is for Grandma, one is for Grammy, and of course I begged him to make one for Mommy too!

Love, love, love!  I’m all about having a fun new supply to play with, and I thought you might be excited to give it a try too!  Which is why I can’t wait to tell you about the latest promotion over at Silhouette!

Have a machine already like I do?  You can get a pack of chipboard, which contains 25 12×12 sheets AND a $25 download card to the Silhouette Online Store for $19.99!  {Are you kidding me?!}  Think of it this way: it’s just 80 cents a sheet and you get a FREE $25 gift card to download images, fonts, and whatever your heart desires!  Or, think of it this way…it’s $5 off a $25 download card {that’s like 5 free images, people} and all that chipboard FREE!  Whatever way you think of it, it’s a win-win.  Trust me.  I’m cheap.  This is a steal.  Just FYI, the chipboard is thinner than some I’ve worked with in the past; much like a very heavy cardstock.
Don’t have a cutter?  Your Cammie is waiting for you.  Get her now, plus the chipboard and download card I mentioned already, AND a nice little dust cover to keep her warm and toasty for just $269.99.  The regular price for Cammie all by herself is $299.99, so it’s like saving $30 AND getting the chipboard, the download card, and the cover for free!  Sa-weet!  Or, you can go a little smaller and opt for the Portrait {…hmmm…Portia?} with the bundle of goodies for $129.99 {regular price for a portrait is $179.99, so here you save 50 bucks and get everything else free}!  Is that a deal, or is that a deal?!
To claim the deal, be sure you visit the promo page and enter the code ARTSY at checkout!
You guys know I’m not in the business of being a salesgirl, but I tell you all this because I personally believe every crafter would love this stuff {LC backs me up on that} and with this kind of discount, now’s a great time to buy if you’ve been on the fence.  Of course I don’t advocate spending money you don’t have or buying a Cammie instead of groceries.  But if you have a little extra saved up, trust me, you will never regret buying one of these machines!  Really.  You know we play the honestly game here.  And you can feel free anytime to email me any questions you have about them; I’m happy to help!
Hugs & Glitter,

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  1. Amy, I LOVE this project and I’m super pumped about the promo..I missed out on the last one! Keep your fingers crossed I can get in on this one (got to look at my household budget)

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