The Chicken or the Egg…

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Well, for these cute Easter chick crafts, it was the egg because it all starts with an egg carton!  Here are two variations that are easy and fun for even the smallest helpers.
Original inspiration from Pinterest.
– egg carton
– paint in your choice of color{s} and paintbrushes
– yellow and orange cardstock
– google eyes
– craft glue
– scissors
– candy
STEP 1: Cut egg carton apart.  Paint two sections per chick.
STEP 2: Cut out 2 wings, 2 feet, and 2 beak pieces per chick.  After paint is dry, glue feet and wings to one egg cup and beak and eyes to the other.
STEP 3: Fill bottom egg cup with candy.
STEP 4: Place “head” on top and ENJOY!
We made these with some of LC’s buddies; the yellow one is his, the blue belongs to Princess C, and the pink is Princess A’s “baby chicky.”
While we were at it, we used the same supplies plus some wire to make another version.  We had already been planning to make the candy holder chicks when this month’s issue of Family Fun arrived and showed us this cute little guy.
– egg carton
– paint in your choice of color{s} and paintbrushes
– yellow cardstock
– google eyes
– scissors
– 20 gauge wire and cutters
– craft glue
– feathers {optional}
STEP 1: Cut egg carton apart and paint two egg cups per chick.  Cut the “head” piece slightly smaller than the base.
STEP 2: Paint! {This is LC’s buddy Princess C hard at work!}
STEP 3: Glue beak and eyes onto the “head” piece and feet onto the base.  You can also add feathers, which are really cute {but we didn’t have any}!
STEP 4: Cut a piece of wire and make a loop at the top.  Wrap the rest of the wire around a pencil or your finger to coil it.  Glue the loop to the inside top of the head and poke the other end of the wire through the base, taping it in place.
Some festive decorations that cost next to nothing, just in time for Easter!
Meanwhile, on a personal note, I’ve decided to take my Ravens fan-dom to the next level…
Whaddya think?
It’s just a temporary tat.
Breathe, Mom.
Little Crafter has a whole bunch of them; Cars 2 and Ravens, and he decided I needed to have one.  Meanwhile, if I ever did get one, that would be the place.  I’d love to get the Hebrew word for “love” like I have on my heart necklace…but I’m not much for voluntary pain!  What about you?
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Cute little chickies! And no, I don’t like pain of any kind, though I am finding the older I get the more whisker plucking I have to do….
    Thanks so much for the Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway- I sent you a reply email. Can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

  2. Love this, I will be doing this craft with my little ones this week while we are on spring break from homeschool.

    You got me, I was like wow she got a tattoo 🙂 I was tricked alot today by my boys they are great April fools day jokers!!

  3. Love these. I keep a couple old egg cartons around just in case I need to craft with them. Maybe this is next. It’s such a clever little container that I bet my girls would enjoy.

  4. You are so busy, many awesome projects – love to see what you’re up to now. 🙂 Thanks for joining in on the party fun this week.

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