Upcycled Garden Signs

One of my favorite things to do each spring is plant our vegetable garden.  Over the years, we’ve learned which veggies grow well for us and which ones we actually end up eating.  This year, we decided to plant red and yellow bell peppers, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and Big Boy tomatoes.  Of course, we needed some fun garden signs so that we’d know which plants are which!  I loved the ones we made last year, but of course, we crafters never want to make the same thing twice.  So, LC and I came up with these for this year’s garden:
– wooden signs
– acrylic paint {black, white, assorted other colors}
– Minwax Polycrylic Sealer
– paintbrushes
– paint pen {optional}
We got our wooden signs at Target.  They came already painted, but we wanted them to have our plant names instead.  They were only $1 for a 2-pack in the dollar section, which was still a great deal.
STEP 1: Paint the signs.  We painted the top part of each sign black, then LC picked a color for each stick.  You could also leave those as is if you like the turqouise and green.
STEP 2: Paint words on signs.  I used a paint pen for all but one of these and it really did save time!  I penciled the words on first, then traced over them.  Those of you cool enough to have your Silhouettes and vinyl can make use of that for this step instead. 
{Note to self: “You shall not covet, you shall not covet…”}
STEP 3: Cover signs with sealer to weather-proof them.  Let dry.

STEP 4: Plant your garden.  If at all possible, find a small, adorable, and quite useful helper for this step too!

STEP 5: Place signs in garden and enjoy!

I think a certain someone is pretty pleased with himself!
Happy Crafting {and gardening too}!

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