In honor of the Great Pumpkin Party, it was only fitting for Little Crafter and I to do a little something to kick off the festivities!  We recently received a copy of the Taste of Home Ultimate Halloween Issue {more about that tomorrow, including a giveaway!}.  Inside, we found this adorable idea:
We mutually decided that it was the perfect project for us.  All we needed were cupcakes, icing, food coloring, and candy!  Little Crafter helped me get just the right shade of orange icing…

Then, he inspected my icing job…quality testing, you know…

Then came the fun part…decorating!  We had jellybeans, gummy fruit slices, and licorice to play with.  Here’s the first pumpkin face Little Crafter made.

…and some of his festive friends!  LC made most of them, but I did a few too because it was just too fun! 


 Since hubby is particularly fond of yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing, we made a few that way for him.  Since brown pumpkins aren’t particularly appealing, we decided to make those into monsters instead.

Here they are…aren’t they fun?  The ones on the right are sticking out their tongues.  Little Crafter’s favorite is the one with five eyes, right in the middle.

This was such a fun and easy project for us…and a yummy one too!  Thanks to Taste of Home for the great idea.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see some of our other favorite things from the issue and enter to win a free copy!  And of course, don’t forget to share YOUR latest pumpkin projects at the Great Pumpkin Party anytime this month!
Happy Fall Crafting!

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