DIY Nautical Soap Dispenser

Friends, you know that song, “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music?  Ok, so humor me and sing this to yourself {or out loud…I’m sure your kids/co-workers will enjoy it too…}

“Starbucks iced mochas and bright Tervis tumblers,
Tailor & Stylist and “Cammie” and Michaels,
Beachy vacations and Glitter and swings,
These are a few of my favorite things!”

If you’ve been part of the One Artsy Mama community for any amount of time, you already knew all of those, right? {And more, according to your fabulous responses on Facebook!} So it should come as no surprise that my latest project involves one of my favorite things…the beach!  You may remember that my downstairs powder room has a nautical theme {I shared my Beach in a Basket decór just recently}, so I decided to make a beachy soap dispenser to replace the plain storebought one we were using.

Nautical Soap Dispenser

– small mason jar
– David Tutera burlap ribbon
– seashell
– hot glue
– soap pump {I just took mine out of the Softsoap dispenser we were using}
– drill

Step 1: Glue burlap ribbon around the jar.
I recently got the opportunity to try out a bunch of the awesome new stuff in David Tutera’s Casual Elegance collection, and this ribbon {along with the mason jar itself} happened to be in my box of goodies!  My first thought was that it reminded me of a fishing net and that I needed to do something beachy/seashell-y with it. I just used a line of hot glue in the back, glued down one end, then made another glue line and attached the other end to it.  Make sure to pull tightly so it doesn’t sag, but not so tight it distorts the squares…just sayin’…



Step 2: Add a fun seashell!
I just took this one out of my big jar of shells; we found it on our most recent visit to Myrtle Beach and I liked the size and shape of it.  I tried to get hot glue close enough to the edges to hold it but not close enough to ooze out and be visible. I think it worked.  Whew.


Step 3: Drill or punch a hole in the center of the lid. Insert a soap pump and fill jar with soap.


Okay, so I have to stop here to insert a funny story I think you’ll enjoy.  This is the point in the process where I call in the hubs.  And this happens:

Me: Can you do me a favor and drill a hole in this lid for me?
Hubs: Um, why?
Me: I’m making it into a soap dispenser!
Hubs: Ooookay…sure.
{He goes off into another room and I hear loud noises.  He comes back with this…}


Me: What’s this?
Hubs: I made a hole!
Me: Um, it’s supposed to be in the center.  You know, for a soap dispenser…
Hubs: You didn’t SAY drill a hole in the center…
Me: I kind of thought it was obvious.
Hubs: Obviously not.

And so, after sharing a good laugh over it, he grabbed a different lid and made a hole in the center {that was also big enough for the soap pump, unlike the first attempt}.

Thus, I finally ended up with what I wanted.  Ahhh…


I’m loving the beachy feel of it!  Plus, it’s a perfect compliment to the other nautical decor in the room.  I love it when a good {read: cheap, easy, and quick} project comes together, don’t you?  Now here’s hoping LC doesn’t break it…


Hugs & Glitter,


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