Printable Owl Cards: Honestly Thankful

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t believe Halloween is just two days away…despite the fact that Little Crafter reminds me every five minutes.  He doesn’t even like chocolate or most of the other kinds of candy people usually give out, he’s just ridiculously excited to wear his Cat in the Hat costume!  As for me, I can’t wait for Halloween to be over because it means I can start focusing on Thanksgiving.  Just yesterday, we were in a store that had already decorated for Christmas.  I mean seriously decorated.  Trees, garland hanging from the ceiling, the whole nine yards.  And it made me want to be sure we don’t just rush right past the time set aside to be thankful.

Soooo, I made a little something for all of us.  See, I thought it would be fun if we took our “honestly” idea and used it to make someone else smile….what if we each wrote a card to someone in our lives we’re thankful for?  What if we took time to write out, “Honestly, I’m so thankful for you because…”?  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!  It’s so uncommon in our digital age to get a handwritten card!  To make it extra fun, I created three printable card fronts for us.  Take a look:

Hi card

Owl Card Printable

This is a Hoot Card

Printable Owl Card

Gobble Card

Printable owl card

Seriously.  How cute are these little hoots?  The turkey one just makes me giggle.  I found them when I was browsing over at Creative Market, and I had some credits in my account that the fabulous folks there gave me, so I couldn’t resist downloading them.  Here’s what to do if you want to use one {or all} of them as cards:

1. Save the image to your computer.  You can either right click it and save, or you can go grab them at these links.
Hi card
This is a hoot card
Gobble card

2. Decide if you want a folding card or a postcard format.
The image is 4.25 x 5.5″, which is a quarter of a piece of cardstock.  You can either print just the image and then write your message on the back like a postcard, or you can print it in such a way that it can be a “regular” card with a fold at the top.

3. Print the image and cut.
To print a postcard, you can print just one image, or you can get 4 on a page.  You’ll want to turn them vertically so they all fit.  Then, cut them apart.
To print folding cards, place two of the images turned vertically and leave the space next to them blank, like this.  Then, cut your paper in half horizontally.

printable owl cards

All that’s left is to write your message and deliver your card!  Will you join me in playing the honestly game and letting someone in your life know how thankful you are for them?

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. Girl, you know how much I love owls! These are stinkin’ CUTE! 🙂 And, just so you know, honestly, I am so, so thankful for you and your awesomeness. I am blessed to call you my friend, in real life, not just in blog world. I love you dearly and thank God we have connected and become so close. Hugs to you and sweet little LC 😉

  2. So cute! I love all-things-owl! And you’re so right – we do need to spend more time being grateful for all of the wonderful things in our lives! A little card in the mail would make SO many peoples’ days!

  3. Turkeys are one of my favorites and Owls are quickly winning their way to my heart. So I love the owl turkey! I believe we can never say thank you enough.

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