Fashion Friday: The Results are In!

Friends, I felt like I was going to burst waiting to tell you the news….

I Won!!!!!!!!!!


In case you’re scratching your head and wondering what on earth I’m referring to, I’m talking about the contest I was in with Lucky Magazine and P&G Beauty.  You know, THE contest.  The one I begged you daily about, hoping you would take a second to go and vote…every day and every time you had a new IP address.  The one that made me feel like a door to door siding salesman soliciting everyone I knew…haha!  You may remember that there were going to be four winners, determined by a combination of votes, blog quality, and the discretion of a panel of judges from Lucky and P&G.


YOUR votes put me in the top 4 for that section of the competition, and I just got word this morning that the other things fell into place and I’m one of the four New Voices of Beauty Bloggers for P&G Beauty!!!!!!!!!! {I don’t think that’s enough exclamation points, do you?!}

So, first and foremost, THANK YOU!  Thank you for your encouragement, your votes, your kind words, and your support…and I’m counting on all that love to continue as I take on this new aspect of blogging in 2014.  Don’t worry; I’m not going anywhere, things will continue as always here at One Artsy Mama, except that I’ll have some extra special posting opportunities to share with you from time to time, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated about all the extra things I get to do.


The first thing on the calendar is an all-expense-paid trip to NYC at the end of January to meet with Lucky editors{!!!} and representatives from P&G and to be filmed for the New Voices of Beauty video!  So exciting!!!  Of course, you know I’ll be sharing all about that via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as it happens!

I’m so excited for this opportunity and so grateful to each of you for helping to make it a reality!  I *honestly* never thought I had any chance of winning when I first signed up, and after I made the video, you remember that I felt like it was a disaster!  I thought that there was no way they’d pick this Artsy Mama over all those gorgeous girls who specialize in fashion and beauty blogging!  But, here I am, and I am incredibly excited to represent quality, affordable brands I have honestly used for years and really do believe in.


I’m still kind of processing it all myself, and reminding myself I’m not dreaming!  I will be sure to keep you posted as I find out more details, but I wanted to share the great news with you, my friends, and thank you for the part you played in making it happen!  You’re the bestest!


Hugs & Glitter,


P.S. Congratulations and a shout out to my fellow New Voices of Beauty, Katie McBroom from Martinis and Mascara , Nikki Minton from My Style Diaries, and Naty Michele from A Love Affair With Fashion!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am SO excited for you, Amy! Every time I went somewhere with a different IP, I was voting for you! Glad all your hard work paid off! Congratulations again!!

  2. WOW!!!! Yey!!! I’m so super excited for you and just the tweeeeennnsssyyyest bit jealous too! But I will live vicarious through you because this is SO AMAZING! Huge, huge, huge congrats girl! You are a true voice of beauty and I can’t wait to see you everywhere and go, “I know her” (well hey, we’re “friends” so I’ll claim I do 😉 )

  3. Congrats amy!! I love to see how much you’re growing – both the blog and out of your comfort zone. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings you!!

  4. Congrats, Amy! I don’t have the time to read hardly any blogs but I clicked over to read something you had written a while back and linked to on another blog, and I added you to my short list. Something just pulled me in and I wanted to see more of what you create/write.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


    1. Thanks so much, Chris! So glad to be on your “short list”! Hope you’re honestly inspired by what you find here! Merry Christmas!

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