Crockpot Pork BBQ & Ten Calorie Sodas

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Hey, friends!  Many of you already know that I’ve been counting calories lately in an effort to drop the ten pounds I gained when I switched from being a dance instructor to a full time blogger who sits on her bottom all day.  By controlling my portion sizes and making wiser choices, I’ve lost seven pounds so far…just three more to go!

What surprised me most, though, when I started calorie counting wasn’t how many calories I was eating, it was how many I was drinking!  If I added up all the juice, tea, soda, and coffee drinks I consumed in a day, I was drinking about 650 calories every day, which was more than half of the daily allotment My Fitness Pal recommended for me.  Of course, I could simply switch to drinking nothing but water, but the problem is, I don’t enjoy that at all!  Sure, it’s healthy, but I’ve never been one of those people who just loves drinking water.  I want something that has taste!  Fortunately, there are low-calorie options that taste great, like the “Ten” sodas I found at my local Safeway.


There’s 7UP Ten, Sunkist Ten, A&W Ten, & Canada Dry Ten…you still get the bubbles and the taste, but don’t end up consuming a lot of unnecessary calories!


I also realized that I could use the A&W Ten in place of regular soda to reduce calories in one of our favorite meals, Crockpot Pork BBQ!  This recipe is so amazingly simple to make that it’s become a staple in our house…and now we can enjoy a healthier version!  Here’s how you make it:

Reduced Calorie Crockpot Pork BBQ

Crockpot Pork BBQ

– 1 pork tenderloin {between 1.5 – 2 lbs}
– 12 oz A&W Ten {1 can}
– 1 jar KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce

crockpot pork BBQ

Place the pork loin in the crockpot and pour the can of soda over it.  Cover and simmer on Low for 4-5 hours.  Remove pork from crockpot and use a fork to pull it apart into shreds.  Stir in your BBQ sauce.  You can eat it immediately, or dump the soda out of the crockpot and put the BBQ pork back in on Keep Warm.

Crockpot Pork BBQ

This is one of my husband’s favorite meals, and quite honestly, one of mine too.  You can’t beat something that tastes great and takes almost zero effort to make!  And with A&W Ten, it also becomes an even healthier choice for our whole family.  I love finding things that help me meet my goals, stay healthy, and get fit, without sacrificing some of the tastes I love.  What about you?


But don’t take my word for it, try it for free yourself!  Visit the Just For U website for a coupon for a free 2L of any flavor of the TEN calorie products (7UP Ten, Sunkist Ten, A&W Ten, Canada Dry Ten) from 5/12 – 5/19, while supplies last.  You can find the products at your local Safeway!  Enjoy!



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  1. Oh, we’re HUGE A&W fans around these parts. I haven’t ever used it in a crockpot recipe… but nothing beats a rootbeer float!

  2. The pork recipe sounds and looks good! You can slowly eliminate the sugary drinks, take baby steps! I drink water all day long, you get use to it and eventually wont miss the other.

  3. I’ve never tried the “can of soda” BBQ recipes, but they sound like they would be good! I know just using a bottle of BBQ sauce tastes great, so adding a layer of flavor can only improve it, right? We liked the Root Beer 10 calorie soda, too!

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