Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Slime Favors

Hey, friends!  It’s Turtle Time here in the Artsy House, and not because of the new movie!  It’s because of a certain little someone’s 6th birthday party…and things are starting to feel very green around here.  So far, I’ve shared with you the fun TMNT favor bags we made and the cool Duck Tape bookmarks that are going to go inside.  Here’s another of part of the favors…what could be more fun than Sewer Slime?!

TMNT Sewer Slime

Now, before I go ahead and tell you how we made this, I need to come clean and say that this was not my idea.  It was Erin’s.  {As in my bestie Erin who also contributes around here once a month with her “Crafty Chaos” posts}.  In fact, Erin has been the brains behind way more than just this particular piece of the party puzzle.  I was having a bit of a mama meltdown when I got back from vacation and realized I had a whopping five days to put together a fabulous Ninja Turtle party.  Who scheduled that?!  They’re fired!  Oh, wait…  Fortunately, Erin is an amazingly gifted par-tay planner and she came right alongside me and started helping out.  The sewer slime was her idea, and she even had us come over and use her kitchen and ingredients to make it…all we had to do was bring the Elmer’s glue!  So, this post was a collaborative effort in a big way…E, I couldn’t have done it without ya!  Moving on…

Materials: (For 1 batch)

– Elmer’s Glue – either two small 4 oz bottles, or one large 7 oz
– 1 Teaspoon of Borax – found in the laundry section
– Green Food Coloring or Green Liquid Water Color
– 1/2 Cup Warm Water
– Large Mixing Bowl and Spoon
– Air-tight Container, or a Large Baggie
– Sticker paper or adhesive labels


Step 1: Dump your glue bottles into the large mixing bowl.  Little Crafter particularly enjoyed this part; I mean, how often does someone tell you TO squeeze out a whole bottle of glue…


Step 2: Fill the empty glue bottles with water, swish it around, and pour into the bowl with the glue.


Step 3: Stir well and add food coloring to create desired color.  In our case, of course, that color is GREEN!


Step 4: In a separate container, spoon 1 tsp of borax into 1/2 cup warm water and stir.  There will be some borax in the bottom of the water, that’s ok!


Step 5: SLOWLY start to add the water to the glue mixture-make sure none of the borax granules get into the mixture. Add a little, mix with your hands, add a little, mix with your hands. You’ll be surprised how quickly it starts to form, so don’t add a lot of water all at once. Keep mixing with your hands until it isn’t sticky anymore.

*side note*: Have you noticed yet how I {Amy} made Erin do all the work?  I just got to take the photos and look busy. 😉


Step 6: Play or Package. You can play with it right away, or put it in an airtight container. Since these were favors, we put them in little individual containers!


Step 7: Add a label. I {Erin} designed a quick sticker label, and Amy cut it using Cammie.


That’s all there is to it, friends!  And boy is this stuff FUN!  It’s gooey but not messy; it won’t stick to your hands {or your floor, or whatever else you sit it on} and it’s extra fun if you play with your action figures in it.  We made three batches in total.  Lots of it went into the individual containers but we did save some to put in a big tub and let the kids just play with at the party as one of the stations.

TMNT Sewer Slime

Oh, and as long as the little guests keep returning it to the airtight containers when they’re finished playing, the slime should last for a good long time.

TMNT Sewer Slime

Whaddya say?  Feel like getting slimed today?


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  1. Erin was the slime that you made so thick that it broke instead of being stretchy? My was and I used this recipe so I just kept adding water and then it got to the point it was slime but it sticks to you hands.

    1. Wendy-the slime has the property of being able to be stretchy if you spread it slowly, but if you pull it quickly it breaks. If the slime is sticking to your hands you need to add a little bit more of the borax mixture to help solidify it again. I would say try again-add the borax mixture just a drop or two at a time, and mix with your hands. Add another drop or two and mix again. When I mix, I kinda fold the slime over like dough, folding the borax mixture in. I know it’s a good consistency when I can literally fold the slime over in half and nothing sticks to the sides of the bowl. I’ve done this mixture a lot, and there are times that sometimes even I have to start over with a new batch. Let me know how it turns out and we can keep working on it!

    1. Virginia, I’m wondering if you added too much borax. The more borax you use, the chunkier it will be. I would try again, and SLOWLY add the borax mixture. One idea to try, when you mix the borax with warm water, use a spoon to add some of that mixture to the glue mixture. Put one spoonful in, and mix a little. Put another in, mix a little. You don’t need much at all for the reaction to start, and you will NOT use all of the mixture. Let me know how it goes! It does take practice to get the perfect mixture, and let me know if you keep having problems!….Erin

    1. Good question…we only made 13 of the little containers because that’s how many favors we needed, but we had a bunch left that we put in a large tupperware for the kids to play with at the party. I’m thinking one batch may very well be enough for 25. If not, two would definitely do it.

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