Furry Friend Ornament

Furry Friend Ornament

As many of you already know, we expanded the Artsy Family by four feet this year…that is, we got a cat! Our beautiful, hypoallergenic, constantly hungry girl Fuzzy joined us in September and has been making things more interesting ever since. Traditionally, each of us gets a new ornament for the tree every year, so Little Crafter was insistent that Fuzzy needed her own ornament too. I couldn’t help but agree, especially since I thought it would be fun to have something that commemorated the year she joined our family. Here’s what I whipped up, using supplies I already had in my stash. It was quick and easy, and it’s a great last-minute idea you can do for your own furry {or not-so-furry} friends. Here’s how…

{Some of mine were provided by the companies shown and some are affiliate links.}
– Clear glass or plastic ornament
– Lion Brand Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash Yarn {mine is Charoite}
– Alphabet and Number Stickers

1/2″ ImpressArt Soft Strike Alkemé Tag
Metal Stamping Hammer
Steel Stamping Block
ImpressArt Sitting Cat Design Stamp
3mm Juniper Lowercase Alphabet Stamps
– Black Permanent Marker
– Jewelry Polishing Cloth
Doming Block
– Jump Ring and Pliers


Step 1: Remove the metal topper. Fill the ball completely with Glitter Eyelash Yarn. This will give the look of tinsel, but without all the mess of the individual pieces. Plus, it’s available in lots of different colors. When the ball is full, replace the metal top.

Step 2: Apply alphabet stickers to spell out your pet’s name. The pack of stickers I had only contained one lowercase “z” and one uppercase. So, I got creative and alternated large and small letters to spell out, “Fuzzy.”

Furry Friend Ornament

Step 2: Use number stickers to place the year on the back of the ornament. This is especially significant for us because it will remind us of the year Fuzzy joined our family.

Furry Friend Ornament

Step 3: {optional} Stamp a small metal tag to go on top.
If you don’t have metal stamping supplies, you can skip this part, but since I do, I went ahead and made up a cute little tag. First, I used my Cat Design Stamp on a small tag, then stamped her name using the Juniper Lowercase Alphabet. Once the stamping was done, I colored in the grooves with permanent marker and wiped off the excess on a jewelry polishing cloth. To finish it off, I placed it on my doming block and tapped a few times to give it a fun domed shape. All that was left was to add a jump ring and attach it to the wire loop on the ornament top.

Furry Friend Ornament

Once the ornament is finished, just add a hook and it’s ready to hang on your tree {preferably out of reach of your pet!}. Fuzzy is completely uninterested in our tree other than to sleep on the skirt underneath it, so I don’t think we’ll have a problem, but just FYI, if your pet likes shiny things and balls you might want to place it on a high branch!

Furry Friend Ornament

Can you tell she’s thoroughly impressed?

Furry Friend OrnamentWhat do you do for your pets at Christmas? Do you give them gifts? Ornaments? Just some extra lovin’? Tell me all about it!

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