Photo Cube Ornament

Photo Cube OrnamentChristmas is almost here, and I (Erin) know that many people are scrambling for last minute gift ideas, or a little something extra to include with their presents. This photo cube ornament is so quick and easy, and is a personal gift that anyone would love! (ps. Squish’s actual ornament contains his name, so please excuse the blocked out words. He’s in the witness protection program 😉 )

Photo Cube Ornament

Photo Cube Ornament


-Unfinished wooden cube ornament (a wooden cube and an eye pin work too)

-Mod Podge

-Pictures printed on cardstock or scrapbook paper


-Paint (that matches your pictures) and brush

-Optional-Epson Labelworks Printable Ribbon Kit

Step 1: Decide upon your pictures and edit them (or upload them to PicMonkey) to fit your cube ornament. I was making a “2nd Christmas” ornament for Squish, and I wanted to include pictures of him, plus a picture of his favorite toy, the walker. I used PicMonkey for some quick edits to add wording and different lighting, as well as cropping it to a square shape.

Photo Cube Ornament

Step 2: Open a Word document, and open each picture in it. Size the pictures to whatever size cube you have. Print and Cut.

Photo Cube Ornament

Step 3: Paint the edges of the ornament (where the paper edges will meet) so you don’t see the bare wood. I forgot to take a picture of this, but just imagine me, with a paint brush, putting paint on a cube. Isn’t it exciting?

Step 4: Attach pictures to the ornament with Mod Podge. Seal the picture with Mod Podge on top as well.

Photo Cube Ornament

Step 5: Attach a ribbon to the hook. I used my Epson Ribbon Printer to further personalize the ornament.

Photo Cube Ornament

That’s it! It only took me about an hour (that’s from start to finish with photo editing, printing, cutting, and waiting for things to dry) and it’s a perfect memento for Squish’s second Christmas. I also whipped up a really quick one for a certain grandmother with pictures of her grandkids. These would also be perfect as Christmas present tags! There’s still a few days left to get some last minute crafting in and make some great personal gifts.


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