Simple Newborn Boots Crochet Pattern

Happy December One Artsy Mama Readers! I am Bethany and I blog at Whistle and Ivy. These past few weeks have been a bit crazy for us, as we moved into our first house, AND welcomed our new addition, our sweet #2! (Check out her first pic on my instagram!)
Though I haven’t had much time to relax or work on my new crochet designs, I knew this girl needed something to keep her tootsies warm. I forgot how impossible it is to keep socks on baby’s feet! These simple newborn boots solve that problem, plus add an extra layer for perfectly cozy feet!


You can make them without the bow, but I added it for a little extra color.


If you can believe it, these stay on her feet quite well! I put socks on underneath, tucked in her pants and the boots stayed in place nicely. No more chilly toes.

I thought it would be a big and scary change to have a girl this time, but we are having a lot of fun with this sweetie! It’s amazing how even at a few weeks old, she is so much different than my son.

Get the free pattern here:  Simple Newborn Booties

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Happy crocheting!


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    1. If you are using a device, pull it up in a different app than the default one. The light gray watermark shows up dark in the default one.

  1. So is there a reason why you made this so ridiculous to get to? Exactly how many times do we have to click “get the pattern here” before we actually get to the pattern? After 2 pages of this, I’m done and won’t be trying to get to any other patterns. No longer a fan.

    1. I’m sorry you’re having such difficulty! These aren’t my pattern; they’re from someone who used to be a contributor on my site and contributors were able to link/store their content how they liked. I do hope you were eventually able to find what you were looking for.

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