Mini Book Ornament

Mini Book Ornament

Just like the Artsy family, we love to get our kids ornaments that represent something they love from the past year. My oldest child is all about Mario and Darth Vader, the upper middle has a new Paw Patrol ornament, and even the baby has her “First Christmas” ornaments. However Squish, the two year old, was a little more difficult this year. He loves books, especially the “Llama Llama” series, but here was no ornament to match his love for the llama. So what does any crafty mama do? I made Squishy his own ornament to commemorate his year! Once Amy got a look at the mini book ornament, she immediately asked me, “How did you do that!?”, followed by “PLEASE MAKE ONE FOR ME WITH MY E-BOOK“. I can’t really say “no” to her, because A. She’s my boss, B. She’s my best friend, and C. She would keep asking me until I did. 😉

-Thick White Foam
-2 Wooden Rectangles (These are the ones I used from Michaels)
-Hot Glue
-Mod Podge
-Paper (with a book cover picture)
-Eye Hook and Ribbon

Step 1: Cut a rectangle out of the foam. It should measure smaller then the wooden rectangle.

Mini Book Ornament

Step 2: Design and print out your “book jacket”. Grab an image of your favorite book and shrink it to the size of your wooden rectangle (or just a tiny bit smaller). If you look at the picture, you’ll see the cover photo on top of the larger image that will act as the book jacket. In this particular case, my yellow rectangle measured around 4″x 6″. This is also a great time to design and cut out any extras for the back cover of the book (like my “about the author”) or wording for the “book spine”.

Mini Book Ornament

Step 3: Turn your “book jacket” over and fold down the top and fold up the bottom edges over one rectangle. Hot glue in place.

Mini Book Ornament

Step 4: Fold in the corners and fold over the edge (like a present!) and hot glue in place.

Mini Book Ornament

Step 5: Slide in the second rectangle. Before gluing anything down, make sure you have enough space between the rectangles by using the foam rectangle as a spacer. The space between the two wood pieces is about the width of the edge of the foam rectangle. Just look at the picture. Glue down the edges and the ends just like you did on the other side!Mini Book OrnamentStep 6: Make a foam sandwich! Hot glue your rectangle inside the book.Mini Book Ornament

Step 7: Mod Podge any other designs on to the book, then seal the whole book with mod podge.Mini Book Ornament

Step 8: Insert an eye hook into the foam, attach a ribbon, and hang!

Mini Book Ornament

I love these mini books so much, and not just because of my slight obsession with all things miniature. I also really wanted Amy to appreciate all the details I put into it, and I enjoyed adding all the special little extras like her book’s back cover and book spine.

Mini Book Ornament

Mini Book Ornament

On the back of Squish’s ornament is his name and 2015, so it will be a keepsake on our tree every Christmas!Mini Book Ornament

What do you think? Is there a special book that you’d want to make into your own mini book keepsake ornament?

PS. Wanna buy your own copy of Amy’s E-book, “Honestly Do-able Holiday, 30+ Handmade Ornaments Anyone Can Create”? Head HERE!Mini Book Ornament

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  6. Amy, do you ever do these for others? I’m not very crafty, but I do have 2 picture books that are published & I would love to use these as gifts for those who purchase my books. Oh please tell me you do this. lol….

    Best regards,
    Boots Hensel

    Award Winning Children’s Author of The Zoopendous & Johari’s Joy

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