Bold 3D Print Hand Lettered Font Style

I don’t know about you, friends, but I always enjoy experimenting with new lettering styles to incorporate into my hand lettered projects. Here’s the newest style I’ve been playing around with lately…hope you enjoy it as much as I do!Bold 3D Print Hand Lettering Style

You need:
Colored markers {mine are Tombow Dual Brush Pens}
Thin black marker {mine is the Tombow Fudeonsuke}
Gray marker {mine is a Tombow Dual Brush Pen}
Medium weight sketch paper

Step 1: Write your letter{s} in colored marker.
I have sample alphabets further down in the post so you can see how I form my letters, but any way you write, this still works!


Step 2: Trace around the outside edges of each letter using the thin black marker.


Step 3: Add gray shadow lines.
One reason I like using the Tombow Dual Brush pen for this is that one swipe of the brush tip makes the perfect width shadow.


Here are sample alphabets for you to use as references for where to place the shadows and how I draw my letters. Feel free to play around with the style and make it totally your own, though!

bold alpha upper


Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, the real fun begins…for me, half the fun is mixing and matching uppercase and lowercase letters to create a whimsical look. Often, I use capital letters for consonants except for “m” and “n” and lowercase for vowels. Other times, though, I just mix things up randomly. boldprintmixes

Here are a few examples of how I’ve used this style of lettering in recent projects:
For this one, I added some short thin lines inside my letters to create the illusion of sprinkles {or confetti}!


Here is one I created a few weeks ago for International Women’s Day.


And last but not least, I’ve been playing around with my own logo…what do you think?


I’d love to see how your projects turn out as you practice this bright and bold lettering style! Share your latest progress with us in the One Artsy Mama and Friends Facebook Group…and don’t forget to check out the other how-to posts on Hand Lettering right here on the blog!

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