Holiday Wall Decor: Repurposed Mirror

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Seasonal Holiday Wall Decor

November is half over already, which means holiday decorating projects are in full swing here in the Artsy House! During a recent trip to my local Goodwill thrift store, I came across a piece that had a ton of potential to become gorgeous seasonal wall decor. I snagged it for less than $5, brought it home, and transformed it…take a look at my “out of the box” wreath!



Framed Mirror {or chalkboard or window}
FolkArt Home Decor Chalk: Adirondack White, Parisian Grey
FolkArt Home Decor Wax: Clear
FolkArt Home Decor Chalk and Wax Brushes
Sandpaper and/or Power Sander
Faux Pine Branches
Glittered Berry Picks
Glittered Pinecone Picks
Wide Glittered Ribbon
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters

Obviously, not everyone has a divided mirror like this one, and since I got mine from a thrift shop, I can’t exactly tell you where to go and get your own, but you can do something very similar with any framed mirror, farmhouse window, etc. It would also look pretty with a framed chalkboard…then you could write messages on it! Don’t have one? Create it by picking up a thrift store frame and painting the glass with chalkboard paint! There are lots of possibilities for making your own version! Here are the basic steps you can follow with any of those base materials to create a pretty piece of decor.


Creating Your Holiday Wall Decor

Step 1: Clean your frame and mirror/glass.

Make sure it’s dust-free and if possible, separate the frame itself from the insert. Mine was super glued together, so my intern Emmy suggested we tape off the mirror while painting the frame, which worked really well for keeping the mirror clean.

Step 2: Paint your frame with one coat FolkArt Home Decor Chalk in Parisian Grey.

I love that with these paints there’s no priming or prep work necessary, you can start painting right away. It couldn’t be easier! Let this base coat dry completely before moving on.

Step 3: Give your frame 2-3 coats of FolkArt Home Decor Chalk in White Adirondack. It’s up to you how much coverage you want. Less coats will allow you to see more of the grey underneath, while more will give you a more opaque finish. If you’d rather have a red, green, or even silver frame, FolkArt Home Decor Chalk comes in a huge variety of colors you can choose from.


Step 3: Create a distressed finish by lightly sanding the frame along the edges and in corners.

The amount of sanding you do is a matter of personal preference. Some people love a heavily distressed piece, while other prefer just a hint. I’m somewhere in the middle. A power sander like my RYOBI ONE+ 18V Corner Cat Sander works like a dream for this step, but if you don’t have one, fine grit sand paper and some hard work will do the trick too.  As you sand, the white paint will be removed, leaving both the grey paint and some of the natural wood of the frame exposed. It’s best to do this step before reassembling your mirror/window/chalkboard because it gets dusty!


Step 4: Apply a coat of clear wax to your frame.

This will help preserve and protect the chalk paint. Once the wax is dry, you can buff it to a gorgeous sheen. Using the FolkArt Home Decor Chalk and Wax brush makes this step a piece of cake. The bristles are specially designed to be flexible and work wax into the porous ultra-matte paint.

Step 5: Create a swag of greenery, berries, and other holiday materials.

If you want an exact replica of mine, I used two glittery faux pine branches from Michaels and wired the stems together in the center. Next, I wired two picks of glittered gold berries and two picks of glittered pinecones on top, going in opposite directions. I finished up by creating a giant glittered gold bow and wiring it in the center.


Step 6: Reassemble your frame and attach the greenery to the bottom. 

Because of the nature of my frame, I was able to wire the swag to the vertical cross bar at the bottom. If you have a different type of frame, you may just want to wire around the bottom piece of the frame itself.


That’s all there is to it! A simple, sophisticated, and sparkly holiday accent piece that’s sure to catch your guests’ attention.


Unfortunately, a mirror is about the hardest thing in the world to photograph, so the pictures really don’t even do justice to just how beautiful this really is in person.


I’m so excited about how this turned out, and can’t wait to see how it looks with the rest of my holiday decor! For more crafty seasonal inspiration, make sure to follow Plaid on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and to check out their blog, the Plaid Palette!

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