5 Things I’ll Never Paint a Room Without Again

You all know how much fun it is to get a room ready for a new baby? Well, I got to have all that same fun preparing a bedroom for the sweet 10 year old we are adopting from China! We know that he loves soccer and the color green, which was enough for this mama to go on to style a room I think he’s going to love.

The comforter I chose is grey with colorful soccer balls and the furniture is a mixture of black and pops of color like the dresser I painted bright green. I wanted to go with a light neutral color for the walls so that they’ll work not only with this theme, but with any color scheme he chooses in the years to come.

I was so excited when Home Depot agreed to partner with me to help get the room painted and ready for our boy! I went in search of the perfect color, a pretty light grey that would match everything and give the room a large, open feel. Glidden Dove White turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. We chose the Glidden Diamond Eggshell Interior Paint, a Zero VOC, Low Odor paint + primer that offers excellent hide and coverage alongside outstanding scrubbability and washability. It’s backed by a Lifetime Guarantee to hold up to the everyday wear and tear that comes from being in a boy’s room!

In addition to providing the paint itself, Home Depot’s paint team sent us a box of goodies to make the job easier and help us get professional looking results. Of course I’ve used basic supplies like rollers, painter’s tape, and spackle before, but some of the supplies were new to me. There were five things in particular that hubby and I found especially useful and that we’ll never paint a room without again!

Here are those five favorite things…have you used any of these before?

3M ScotchBlue 24 in. x 30 yd. Pre-Taped Painter’s Plastic with Edge-Lock and Dispenser

Friends, this stuff is pure magic! It is absolutely perfect for people like me who hate prep work and can tend to be a little on the messy side. It works like regular painter’s tape, BUT it has plastic attached that acts like a drop cloth too! Plus, since the plastic is actually attached to the tape, you don’t get those little spots right around the edges where the floor isn’t covered. See all the grey splatters? Yep. All that would’ve been on my floor. We loved this stuff, I can’t rave about it enough. It’s easy-peasy and does two jobs in one.

Wooster 1 quart Pelican Hand-Held Pail & Pail Liners

This little pail is so handy! You know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to paint trim and you keep having to go over to the big tray or the heavy paint bucket to re-load your brush every time? This is the solution. It holds up to a quart of paint, and it’s light and easy to carry around with you by the handle. I was in charge of trim, so I just brought this with me as I moved around the room and it worked like a dream. It also works perfectly with one of my other new obsessions, the mini-roller!


Wooster Pro 12″ Mini Roller Cage Frame & Rollers 

How have I never had mini rollers in my life before this? Seriously, these are game changers! I used these cute little guys to roll all the trim work except for the corners and right around the window. Rolling the trim helps everything look more even without worrying about brush strokes, plus they’re easy and fun to use.

Wooster Pro 2 in. Nylon/Polyester Short Handle Angle Sash Brush

For the corners and other tiny areas where the roller wouldn’t fit, I used this short handle brush. It was much easier to control in those corner spaces and the area right around the door frame because it didn’t have a “normal” or long handle, and the angled tip allowed the bristles to get right in where they needed to go.


4 ft.- 8 ft. Sherlock Extension Pole

In case we haven’t met in person, let me fill you in on a little secret. I’m short. As in I don’t quite hit 5’4″. So, in the past, any time we paint, there’s always a point where I can’t reach any higher on the wall and either hubby has to come behind me to finish or I have to go around the room on a step ladder. With this extension pole, though, I was able to roll all the way up to the ceiling by myself! All you do is screw the roller frame onto the pole and you’re good to go. It adjusts from 4-8 feet, so you can make it just the right length for whatever you need. If you have high ceilings, there’s a similar pole that extends all the way to 12 feet too. I don’t know why I never had one of these before…it’s a must-have for shorties like me!

All five of these products are affordable and available at your local Home Depot or online at HomeDepot.com. I had never tried them before, mostly because I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed, so I just got the very basics. These supplies made the job so much easier and now I can use them again whenever we paint another room. I have some paint left over and I’m trying to convince hubby that it would look gorgeous in our master bedroom…fingers crossed! Huge thanks to Home Depot for partnering with us on this very special project; we really appreciate it. {All opinions, as always, are honestly my own.}

Stay tuned for a full room reveal of “Scout’s” bedroom coming to the blog soon! In the meantime, what are some of your favorite painting tips and tricks?

5 Room Painting Essentials #ad @homedepot

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