5 Seashell Craft Projects

My husband thinks that you can have a vacation anywhere. He would be content spending a week in a cabin in the mountains or traveling to a different city and experiencing all it has to offer. I’m sure there are many folks who would agree, but I am not one of them! For me to truly feel like I’ve had a vacation, I have to visit the beach. There’s just something about the waves and the sand that refreshes my soul in a way nothing else can.

If you’re a fellow beach-lover, you probably have a collection of seashells you’ve found in your favorite spots. Today, I want to share with you five super-simple DIY ideas for ways you can use and display some of those shells in your home. Take a look at these Seashell Craft Projects!

Coastal Seashell Wreath

This one is hands-down my favorite. I have one hanging in my bathroom year round, and I also made one as a gift for my mom. It only requires a few basic supplies, like shells, a wooden background, a wreath form, and hot glue. Check out the tutorial to see how you can make your own in no time!



Some sand and shells from a favorite beach can make a wonderful keepsake ornament! Create one for yourself, plus make some as gifts for other beach-lovers in your life. This project takes less than five minutes and costs less than $5!


Here is a pretty and stylish way to display some of your favorite finds. This basket sits in our master bathroom where I get to look at it every day. Shells, starfish, sand dollars, shark teeth, and any other seaside treasures can be part of this kind of project. No special crafting skills required, just a jar and a basket!


Kids will love helping out with this fun craft project. Paint or stain a simple wooden photo frame from the local craft store, then glue your favorite shells on as decorations. We painted ours with some metallic blue paints, but you could of course leave them natural too! Look how little LC was in this photo…


It’s incredibly easy to turn a regular mason jar into a beach-themed soap dispenser for your kitchen or bathroom. Check out the how-to directions in this post.

These are just a few ideas of how to get your shells out of a box or bag and on display so you can enjoy them! Which one is your favorite? What other seashell themed craft ideas have you seen? I’d love for you to share your photos in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group. See you there!

Seashell Craft Projects






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