Purple for Mama

Let me share with you the highlight of my day.  Today, we spent a nice afternoon with my mother-in-law and my hubby’s grandmother.  After lunch at a local deli, where Noah gobbled up his grilled cheese, we headed to Michael’s…again.  Grammy wanted to buy some picture frames for Noah to paint, and I, of course, went straight for the beads.  We split up to do our shopping, and when Grammy and Noah came back, Noah was carrying these.

He handed them to me with a big smile, saying, “Fow-nows fo Mama.” {Translation: “Flowers for Mama”}
Grammy told me he saw them, picked them up and told her that Mama needed them because they were purple {my favorite color}.  I hugged and thanked him, and he told me he picked them, “because it make Mama happy.”  Yes, he’s right about that.  My sweet, sweet boy.  Of course we brought them home, and I’ll find a place to proudly display such a special early Mother’s Day present.
Going along with the purple theme, I bought {among other things} a string of beads in three shades of purple that I absolutely love.  I decided to try out the cluster technique I used yesterday with them and made this necklace charm.  It looks a little funny sitting there all by itself…the effect is much better when it’s hanging, but I didn’t have a spare chain to attach it to.  Since I’ve been making a bunch of necklaces lately, I’ve just been switching them all on and off of a chain I already had and I’m wearing it at the moment. 🙂
Well, that’s about it for today, I suppose.  Hubby will be home in an hour and it’ll be time for tacos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  And I heard a rumor that the two of them are going shopping for my Mother’s Day present…think I can get Noah to tell me what it is?
Oh, and don’t forget, I’m only seven followers away from another giveaway; this time I’m definitely thinking it’ll be a piece of jewelry.  Any suggestions which kind?

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  1. So sweet, and you don’t have to worry about them wilting:)

    If you have a Joann’s by you, watch for the buy one get one free bead strand sales. The have so many awesome glass beads like the ones pictured above. They also have these little teardrop beads that are perfect for wire wrapping and making dainty little earrings.

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