Uncle Sam Wants You…To Wear Him

This Artsy Family loves holidays and family get-togethers.  On Monday, we get both!  For the first time since Noah was born, our family is getting together to celebrate the 4th of July with a cookout and steamed crabs {yummm!}.  The extra-cool part is that not only will hubby’s parents, grandmother, and grandfather be there, my parents are coming too, which I just love.  So many families don’t have the blessing of being able to all get together…and even though my grandparents lived in the same state, I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when all four of them were in the same room together.  So I feel like it’s an amazing gift for Noah to get to spend time with all of those family members together and enjoying each other’s company.
Our job for the 4th is to bring dessert…Noah and I already have a plan for red, white, and blue cupcakes!  But we also wanted to do a craft, something we could give to everyone at the party.  I saw this adorable idea in this week’s Macaroni Kid newsletter and couldn’t wait to try it with my Little Crafter.
UNCLE SAM PINS {or magnets}


– wooden craft spoons
– red, blue, and white craft foam {our red was plain, our white and blue had an adhesive backing}
– googly eyes
– cotton balls
– glue
– pin backs or magnet tape
– scissors
– thin permanent black marker
STEP 1: Cut hats from red craft foam.  Ours were 2 1/4″ tall, the base was 2 1/8″ wide, and the tall part of the hat was 1 1/8″ wide.
STEP 2: Cut stripes from white craft foam.  Ours were 1 3/4″ long and I just eyed up the width.  You need 3 stripes per hat.  Also, cut a strip from blue foam to cover the bottom of the hat.
STEP 3: Adhere stripes to hat {if your foam isn’t adhesive, just use glue} and glue hat to handle of wooden spoon.  Adhere blue strip to bottom part of hat {not pictured}.
 STEP 4: Glue or stick 2 adhesive googly eyes on each spoon below the hat.
STEP 5: Seperate a cotton ball into several smaller pieces of fluff and glue one to the bottom of each spoon for a beard.
STEP 6: Use a black marker to add a nose.
STEP 7: Attach pin backs or magnet tape to back of spoons.  I haven’t decided yet which I’m going to use…on one hand I think the pins would be really cute for everyone to wear, and on the other hand, the magnet would probably get more long-term use.  Oh, decisions!
Little Crafter and I are ready to party now!  What about you?  What are your fun ideas for celebrating the Fourth?

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  1. LOl – that is too cute. I’m so happy for Noah that he gets to see all of his grandparents this weekend. For the 4th, we’ll be celebrating the 1st. lol (I’m Canadian so Canada Day is tomorrow). We’ll be donning our red and watching a parade with the whole family. Can’t wait. Hope your 4th is awesome!!

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